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07:38AM | 01/08/01
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Something strange has just happened with my phone line. Without any apparent reason, alot of static is on the line. I can hear the dial tone in the background behind this relatively strong static, and I can barely hear another person who calls. I tested inside with two different phones, and the problem persists. Also, I tested the line coming into the house (there is a phone jack installed at the entry box), and the line coming in seems fine. Anyone have ideas as to what could be causing the problem? Thanks, jhare


10:22AM | 01/08/01
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Could be any of several things. I've had 2 different things cause it. One was close proximity of the phone line to an AC wire inside a wall. The other was moisture at a connection where the phone wire ran under the house and had been cut and soldered back together, then poorly wrapped with electrical tape.
Have you or anyone made any wiring changes lately in the house, anywhere? Do you have a leak somewhere, maybe caused by winter snow & ice? There are lots of those this year.


02:02PM | 01/08/01
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Thanks for the reply, rpxlpx. I will look over some of the connections. I guess the phone wiring isn't like electrical....where it either works or it doesn't. I haven't made any electrical changes to the house in many months, and there are no leaks in the house. I live in Colorado, and it has been mild and dry this past couple of weeks. I am baffled.


07:40PM | 01/08/01
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Actually, phone wiring is EXACTLY like electrical stuff because it IS electrical; it works off of low-voltage electrical circuits instead of high-voltage (120 volts or higher).

You probably have a short circuit in your wiring somewhere in your line. You can still hear because phones do not require a such and absolutely-constant flow of electricity like other electrical appliances do; they can transmit static. It could also be due to something finally giving up the battle against time, such as a slipped connection or, as suggested above, a poorly insulated wire. Even a bump against a wall could have slipped the connection. If you cannot find the short, a phone technician will have testing tools that can help pinpoint the problem far quicker than you could do on your own.

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