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07:21AM | 05/09/01
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We are installing a ceiling fan where an existing light fixture was. The wiring from the house has a copper grounding wire, a black wire, a white wire and a red wire. The ceiling fan has a green grounding wire, a white wire and a black wire.
Help - what goes with what and where does the extra wire from the house go to?


11:08AM | 05/09/01
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The 2 ground wires go to the frame of the fan (and each other). The 2 white wires go together. As to the red and the black you won't go wrong if you wire the fan the same way the light was wired. Probably both went to the black wire of the light but...
If you don't know how the light was wired, then you'll have to do some testing. Presumeably, the light was controlled by 1 or 2 wall switches. If you have a test meter or light, check from white to black, then from white to red, trying every combination of switches on/off. If there is NO time when BOTH the black and the red are both "on", but each of them is "on" at some time, then you are ok to connect both to the black wire of the fan.
That is to say, if the black/white combination is ON sometimes, and the red/white combination is ON at other times, but never both ON at the same time, then you're OK to connect both red and black to the black wire of the fan.


07:10PM | 05/09/01
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I believe what you have is white wire controls the fan from one switch and the red wire would control the light on the fan from another wall switch.


04:07AM | 05/10/01
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Curban, the likelihood that one wire is present to control the fan and one to control the light is very low, because this was not originally a ceiling fan installation - it was an overhead light. If there are, in fact 2 switches, (we weren't told for sure) then they are probably 3-way switches, both controlling one light.
With that in mind, however, the whole thing could indeed be wired to have one switch control the fan and one control the light - if that's what is wanted. (But I would guess the black and the red to be switched, not the white and the red.)

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Joe Tedesco

09:48AM | 09/29/02
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