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09:43AM | 11/03/01
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We have a home with electric ceiling heat and are wanting to remodel some rooms and move walls 1-2 feet. What problems might we encounter with the wiring in the ceiling and is it possible to even move walls without damaging the existing wiring in the ceiling?


04:51AM | 11/05/01
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My first thought is that the wiring for the ceiling heat might not be in the walls you want to move. In that case, there's no problem - at least not with the wiring issue. But you've got to determine that before you start.
You didn't say if the heating is in the highest floor of the house, and if the house has an attic. If it is, then the wiring is probably in the attic and would not be a problem. Also, if the wiring is in walls, but those aren't the walls you want to move, then it probably wouldn't be a problem.
Any other set of conditions would have it's own set of problems and difficulties. Far more information is needed.


02:03PM | 11/05/01
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Thanks for the reply.
The room in question is on the lower floor with a floor above it. The thermostat is not on the wall that we want to move. The wall we want to move will shrink the room by about 2ft.

Thanks, Nita


05:58PM | 11/05/01
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carpenter here. is there any electric in the wall that you want to move if so there will be problems electric in the ceiling will be out of the way but in the wall electric will be a problem at floor and ceiling you really need to do alot of searching and exploring to figure out what you are up against

good luck and happy hunting


04:59PM | 11/06/01
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Is this electric heat cables embedded in the plaster? If so I would NOT advise moving walls for several reasons. 1 You would likely cover over some of the heat cable possibly causing it to overheat. 2 you would have to nail or screw the new wall into the ceiling not knowing where the cables are. Best bet would be to disconnect and abandon the heat in the room and install electric baseboard heat.


05:09PM | 11/06/01
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Thanks for the replies.

I have a feeling its enbedded in the plaster from what i have seen when we put a can light in.

Thanks again


04:50AM | 11/09/01
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Nita,,,,the light you installed in the ceiling already has severed a few cables. dont use that ceiling heat untill you have it checked out or have you installed another heating system? We get 4-5 calls a year for splice kits to repair the cut cables. This type of system is still used across the country and the older systems usually only need to upgrade the thermostats. If you have any Questions i can help you,,,,,,Rod


07:29AM | 11/11/01
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Thanks Rod!
The canned light we put in was just replacing an existing ceiling light. From what we have researched already, we know that the heating cables start 6 inches from the parameter of the room walls and do not exist where original lighting was installed. We have thought that maybe we could cut the plaster (severing the cables) where we want to build the wall, and then have a professional electrician repair the cable breaks and then we could replaster the ceiling section to the new wall. We really don't want to abandon the whole ceiling heating system (for a baseboard or wall heater) as we really like the ceiling heat system!


04:57PM | 03/07/18
Can you dig the wires out of the plaster and move the wires and re plaster

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