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04:34AM | 02/04/99
For those who helped me out with my floors THANKS! Now I have another project for the spring on my 108 year old fixxer upper. My house has old wooden gutters that are in desperate need of repair(replacing). Totally removing the gutters would make the house look naked (it is a victorian). How would this be resolved? I expect a contractor would repair/replace all the damaged wood in the gutters, make them nonusable in some fashion and hang vinyl or aluminum gutters along them. Is this so? Or is it easier to do the gutters along with a new roof I'm planning for in about a year? I don't think that wooden gutters are all that reliable for the area I'm in (Northeast). Any help is appreciated.


01:35PM | 02/05/99
A good contractor will do whatever you want him to do. You are paying the bill and he works FOR you. You have to make the decision based on your values. If you wish to maintain the integrity of the Victorian look, then you must do with the same type of gutter system. I have them on one of my properties, also in the Northeast,and they are a maintenance headache when they reach old age.
If you choose to keep the appearance, replace them in total or you will keep patching until the only thing you have left are patches. If you opt for the aluminum gutters, remove the wooden ones completely and extend the roofline down. Do not patch over the old gutters since there will be a void that will eventually concave and cause ice dams and leakage.
I would suggest drivng around your area and examine other Victorian homes to help in your decision making process.
This is all just my opinion, hopefully others may render other thoughts on the matter.
Till we hear from you again.......


08:09AM | 02/08/99
Thanks for the info Dr. Home. I did check out other houses of similar construction in my neighborhood and talked with an architect and have decided to rip 'em off completely, and extend the roof line. The other houses in the area look just fine and I know haw to maitain aluminum gutters.

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