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06:12AM | 10/18/02
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I just bought a house that was built circa 1968 that has electric ceiling heat. Now the home inspector figured that it was disconnected due to the fact that is now has gas heat in the house. I didn't think anything of it until last night my daughters room was stiflingly hot. I had my brother in law (electrician) come by (at midnight no less - good thing I don't have to pay him) and we figured out what breaker it was on and killed it.
My question is: how hard is it to remove those heaters because my wife now wants them out of the house. She is worried about a fire in the ceiling. So it has to come out and the thermostats removed and the holes covered over. Is it a unit that is hung between the joists or something more sinister? Thanks in advance.


08:25AM | 10/18/02
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Just remove the wire from the breaker and pull it out of the main panel. Your electrician brother in law should be able to do in 10 minutes or less. With the wires removed you have no more worries. You don't have to remove them from the ceiling.


09:55AM | 10/18/02
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Then I can get rid of the thermostats? They are not really thermostats, but like a potentiometer (rheostat?) That would be great. Thanks alot

Joe Tedesco

12:49PM | 10/18/02
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Electrical Inspector

01:23PM | 10/18/02
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electric heat has become sort of an expletive deletive, given the kw per hour poco rates today.

$$ for $$, electric heat is far from economical.


04:10PM | 10/18/02
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This is likely electric heating cables embedded in the plaster which can not be removed withoutremoving the plaster. As has been stated just have all the circuits disconnected and you will be fine.

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05:05AM | 10/21/02
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Thanks to everyone who responded. I did check in the attic and there are no heating units that can be removed which means that you guys are right about the embedded coils. Anyroad, my bro in law and I disconnected them at the panel, removed the rheostats, capped the wires and put blank plates over the holes. When I go to remove the wallpaper, I'll fix the holes properly. I can't wait to see my electric bill! Thanks again for all your help.


04:53PM | 02/12/19
House built in 1972 has ceiling heat. Bedroom now has a leak in the ceiling. Can you cut out a piece of the ceiling and see where the leak is and then replace the sheet rock. What problems will we have. We no longer use the ceiling heat

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