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10:10AM | 11/13/02
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Again thanks for all the advise! Finally got a response from the County Code Office with lots more info. Including information I didn't hear from any of the home center folks. Like, the sub-panel has to have it's own 8' copper ground source! Everyone I talked to said ground it back to the main panel. Even though the County does not require an electrical plan for the permit, I will be submitting one (they said they would be happy to review it!), I plan to err on the side of safety. Thanks for a great BBS experience.



11:42AM | 11/13/02
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If your "sub-panel" will be in an attached garage, then to ground it with an 8' ground rod would be a violation of the electrical code. If this is the case, install a 4th wire with the feeder.

If the garage is a seperate building, then you will have to install a grounding electrode system (usually one or two 8' rods).

Why not get a couple of estimates from licenced electricians?

Rick Miell


08:47AM | 11/17/02
Your description of the path way to your garage would lead one to believe that it is attached to your house. Which would make the separate ground rod a violation. Maybe you could clarify the "attachment" is it connected to the house by a breeze way? If so and it is not tied to the house through the footings I can see the need for the separate ground.


03:30AM | 11/18/02
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Thank you for your responses. To clarify: My main panel for the house is in the attached garage. The subpanel I am installing is in the basement and the house and garage share a common foundation. In response to getting a couple of quotes for licensed electricians, I tried. Because I want to do the labor ie. pulling the wire and just have them do the hook-ups, no one wants the job. I told them I was willing to pay for advise on running the wire and on having them check all the connections and then do the main panel and subpanel hooks when they were satisfied. Still no takers. So now i'm really confused do I need a separate ground to a rod outside my basement or not? I know I have to have a ground for the subpanel but where does it go, back to the ground on the main panel or a separate ground outside?


Electrical Inspector

12:51PM | 11/18/02
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A 'subpanel' within the same structure requires a 4-wire 'feeder'.

This would be hot~hot~nuetral~ground, the neutral will 'float' or be isolated from the subpanel shell and grounds.

The grounds will be made mechanically and electrically to the subpanel shell.

Both the nuetral and the ground in this 4-wire feeder will then terminate in your main panel or main disco under the same termination bar.

hope this helps.......


06:03AM | 11/19/02
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Does "subpanel shell" mean the frame of the metal box?

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06:26AM | 11/19/02
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Thank you Electrical Inspector! And everyone else that has responded. The sub-panel shell would be the box itself. I plan to call the county back and also get a clarification from them (they may have misunderstood what I was asking). My real preference remains finding a licensed Electrician to do the job!



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