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05:11PM | 03/19/04
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Hi Everyone.

I have an odd problem.

I lose light bulbs really often. And the big problem perplexes me. In the Winter my bill jumps $100 every other month, and this ONLY happens in the winter, in the Summer I run two AC's and the pools filter/pump 24/7 and have a smaller bill.

1996 house, electric hot water, and electric baseboard heat. Wood stove is used to heat the house, I never, never, never turn the heat on, take short showers, wash clothes in cold/cold, do dishes by hand, and have no other devices I can find that are drawing power....

Is there something I can check, or look into? The power company has been very, very, very unresponsive to my inquiries so far.

Faulty breaker, wiring, etc...? Not sure what to look at? Something must be drawing current somewhere, right?




05:36AM | 03/20/04
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I am going to guess that you have an electric heater somewhere that is not turned off. On a cold day go to your breaker box and start turning off breakers while some one watches the meter. You might find one that is listed as a heater slows the dial.


08:01AM | 03/20/04
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As far as your bill jumping $100 every other month. Does your electric company do actual reads or do they estimate? My company estimates during the winter and only does an actual read every 3 months. Other more populated areas can do a read from the office without ever leaving the office.

It says EST or ACT right on my bill after the meter reading.

Good luck with your other problems,



08:54AM | 03/20/04
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To help lower your bills, you can install a setback timer on your water heater. A timer will not heat the water overnight or during the times you dont need hot water and will be ready when you set it for.


10:46AM | 03/20/04
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Thanks everyone. I did ask them to do reads on the meter instead of estimates because of this issue.

I have checked the breakers and they are all accounted for. I am at a loss, I literally cannot see why my bill jumps up and down in the Winter only, and only every other month.

I thought since I was losing lightbulbs so often too, that maybe there is a wiring/breaker problem somewhere?

Thanks again for all the feedback guys !!



06:52PM | 03/20/04
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Just something to look into for you. I have seen cases where after replacing an old service where the meter had severe rust damage, people have said the electric bill went down. I am just wondering what the condition of your electrical service is.

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