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05:54AM | 12/02/04
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Here's something different! All input or re-direction welcome.... I purchased a house last year that has a small windmill mounted to the chimney that is connected to a row of marine batteries that it is suppose to keep charged. to the batteries is an inverter and off the main circuit panal is a separate controll panel with 5 switches that supply limited item is case of power failure.

Here's the problem. About a month after moving in, the windmill blades stopped spinning, I e mailed the company and was told this was an automatic "break" that occurs if the system detects a short in the circuit. Unfortunatly, I do not know how or where to check for a short, and have not found any local electricians that have experience with wind generators. The blades can be turned by hand though you feel resistance. Also, since they have not spun for over a year so Im sure the batteries are dead. (They are sealed cannot check water)If I get this thing running again will the batteries re charge or are they ruined. Sorry for such a long story, any help or guidance greatly appreciated. Bob F.


10:48AM | 12/02/04
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is there a breaker somewhere in the line from the windmill.

and some windmills stop turning (and some turn out of the wind) when they register an above average wind speed to protect themselves. maybe a part has broken in the windmill causing it to apply the brakes.

and is the power cable from the windmill still appearing to be solidly connected or has snow slides pulled it loose from it's junctions.

and the batterys should still be good, depending on their original age.if they got frozen is a diferent problem.


08:38PM | 12/04/04
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I havent worked on a windmill before but this is my best advice. If you can find the main lines from the windmill to the batteries you could try and disconnect them to see if the windmill will work then. If it works you will know the windmill and main wires are good. You can also get a multimeter. It will let you check ohms (resistance), voltage, and amps. You should be able to get a cheap one for under $10. You could use it to check the main wires but since the windmill could be just a winding you may just see what would look like a short. Now if the main wires are good check the batteries with the ohm meters (make sure its on dc volts). If those are still good try turning off one switch at a time and see if the wind mill will work at all. Or try haveing only one on at a time. If it starts to work that way you can figure out which circuit has a short in it from there.

Hope this helps


02:58AM | 12/06/04
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thanks guy, this gives me a place to start.

Keep the suggestions coming!!! B.F.


10:38AM | 12/07/04
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If you have not switched to battery power then the batteries might be OK. Use a DC voltmeter and measure the voltage on each battery. At full charge they will be about 13.5volts. If any of them are below 12 volts I would be suspicious of them. If any of them are 0 volts I think they are dead.

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