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09:31AM | 01/21/06
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We have Recess lights all over our house.We inherited them when we moved in.

They are now beginning to go out on us one at a time.

And suddenly they will come on again, for no apparent reason.

They are either becoming faulty...or the house is haunted !!

Question - How do we change them ?

There doesn't seem to be an easy way to change these lights.It seems to be a one- piece fixture.Not just a bulb to replace.

I think they are RECESS 4" fluorescent baffle trim.At least the ones in our bed-room are.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Yours exasperated



05:18PM | 01/21/06
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What you are describing is usually due to the thermal switch cutting power to the light due to overheating. Check the bulbs to make sure the correct size and wattage is being used.


10:14PM | 01/21/06
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Wow- Could use YOU around here for ME! Thanks for posting with yet another terrific "identifying" solution!


03:08AM | 01/22/06
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Thermal cutout and oversized bulbs would have been my first guess.

However, - "I think they are RECESS 4" fluorescent baffle trim.At least the ones in our bed-room are."

I don't know what that is, but if the lights use flourscent bulbs than the intergal ballast might be going bad.

I believe that the ballast also have thermo protection builtin.


04:37PM | 01/22/06
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To Househelper and Bill thank you for your replies.

If it is what you suggest, then I have a trickier problem than I thought.

And that is how to change the bulb if it needs to be changed.

The whole lighting fixture comes in ONE unit.And to a lay-man like myself, I don't see a way to change it on it's own,without totally un-wiring the whole lighting fixture.

Will certainly check out that thermal unit does not over-heat.

But anyway we will persevere.

Thanks again for the replies gentlemen.


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