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06:54AM | 01/22/06
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Thanks for your help... I am trying to replace a phone jack in my dads house (he is 94 yrs old),,, He went to Radio Shack and bought a new jack (it called a "Surface Mount Modular Jack - 1 or 2 lines - RJ11 / RJ14)..It has Yello-black-green-red wires... The problem is my dads wire coming out of the wall has 2 white - orange and blue !! I tried numerous combos and cannot get a dial tome... What do I do ?? Thank you , any help would be greatly appreciated... I always though myself a electonic wiz but this has really got me :)

Regards... Pete


07:39AM | 01/22/06
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Are you sure the white wires don't have have blue or orange stripes on them. If so the w/blue stripe -> green

blue -> red

w/orange -> black

orange -> yellow

or try this website

Let us know how it works out.


10:48AM | 01/22/06
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Thanks for the reply, I will go over there later today or tomorrow & let you know... I didn't see any stripe but I wasn't looking either... In either case now that I have the orange & blue I should be able to try the other 2 combos... This sure helps me, thanks again...



01:25PM | 11/18/07
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Just moved into an old house and the wore colors are:

Green w/ white stripe

White w/ green

Orange w/ white

White w/ orange.

I connected these to





respectively, but no success.

Do you know which color I should connect to which on the new jack?




11:34PM | 11/18/07
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They come in pairs, so try like this:

orange w/white stripe = red

white w/orange stripe = green


green w/white stripe = red

white with green stripe = green

One of those pairs should give you a dial tone.

The yellow & black is not normally used in home phone wiring. But you can connect the pair without a dial tone as follows:

the color w/white stripe = yellow

the white w/colored stripe = black


03:40PM | 03/21/18
Hi, I have a 116 year old house and as everyone knows it takes awhile to sit back and enjoy your masterpiece. That being said my phone jack wiring sucks. I still have the cloth mess. I know which are the four colored wires, but I have an extra. When I first took it apart all were connected into 2, so I separated them out, drill a nice (ha) hole thinking I was putting one kind in. but now I have a fifth wire I have no idea what it is for and I still can't get a dial tone. Don't mind the peeling of the wallpaper. It is all part of the master plan. Yes, I realize about the fire hazard. Lucky for us the fired department is 2 blocks down on the same street.

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