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06:53PM | 05/18/06
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Someone please help me. Our house is four years old and has done this from the beginning. We live in a quadlevel with smoke detectors linked together and also on battery. Usually the smoke detector at the top of the stairs (with the attic above of course) drips water and at about 2 a.m. would set off all the detectors in the house. We took it down. We now have two more detectors leaking (this only happens in the winter), which are all on the second floor beneath the attic, and we took them down too. I just went to change a light bulb in the same hallway and find rust on the screw from the light where water has been dripping down into the light. We have a five month old and this is freaking me out. I was raised in a firefighter household and having these down so they don't bark is not working for me. My husband works long hours and have asked the guys he works with and they have all come up with something different. We have blown in insulation and the corners of all our upstairs bedrooms sweat also. Should we get rid of the blown in insulation or is there someway we can insulate all the holes in the ceiling? Sorry so wordy, just worried about my big and little guy!


07:32AM | 05/19/06
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This is NOT an electrical problem and has nothing to do with smokedectors.

You have a problem with water in the attic.

It might be from a roof leak. But from the details I suspect that it is caused from moisture from the house getting into the cool/cold attic space and condensing.

You did not give a location or any details on construction.

The problem can be a combination of excessive interior moisture, lack of air sealing between the house and attic space, and insufficant venting of the attic space.

You need to go into the attic space and check. I suspect that you will find a lot of moisture about the ceilign boxes and probably mold on the underside of the roof.

At start would be to clean out any wet insulation and to air seal around ALL ceiling penitrations with canned foam (great stuff).

The is no Building SCience section, so the insulation one would be best to post this in.


12:58PM | 05/19/06
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Check to make sure all the bathroom vents are operating properly and are vented to the outside. It may be that your home was built too tight and may require an air exchanger or additional venting. I agree with Bill, this isn't an electrical issue, although it could become one.


03:34AM | 04/09/21
I have a leak in my ceiling next to smoke alarm. My grease on the stove got really hot n started smoking. My smoke alarms never went off. Is it safe to change the batteries in my home.


03:53PM | 06/05/21
When a house is going to have blown in insulation, sometimes plastic is attached to the joists before the drywall is installed. The drywall hangers may have cut or removed the plastic around the electrical boxes so there will be no vapor barrier. There should only be enough plastic removed to uncover the plaster ring on the electric box.

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