04:33AM | 02/10/10
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Spooky how similar my issue is. One smoke detector chirping LOUDLY in the wee hours of the morning on the second story. Have contacted the contractor that installed our security system to see if they have any answers. Will post here if they have any useful guidance.


07:47PM | 04/25/10
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The beep is not coming from the disconnected harness , and certainly not from the exposed wires . It is likely a detector elsewhere or a different electronic device; those tones can bounce around the house . Make sure you haven't overlooked a detector somewhere.

Disconnect all detectors and remove the batteries . Simply removing the battery does you no good; it's the same as a dead battery . That is actually a very common mistake .

While you have the alarms removed, you might as well take some compressed air to clean them . Place the alarms somewhere out of hearing range, and hunt down any other beeps.

Some brands tend to have this problem.

Especially in the morning, when the moisture begins to condensate inside our homes . It is usually the coolest time of the day isn't it? A different brand and model does not seem to have this problem so much.


03:55AM | 04/26/10
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Turns out my situation was much simpler than I thought, and most of the nightmares listed here. Replacing the back-up battery resolved my issues. I also followed the step-by step posted at

Good luck.


10:45AM | 11/26/10
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I have a 3 year old home. The house has seven (7) smoke detectors, four (4) CO detectors, and, in the garage, two (2) heat detectors. All of the units have hard-wired power with battery (9V) back-up, all connected in a single network. The chirping happened about a year ago. I replaced all 13 batteries, tested every unit successfully (when you press a unit's test button, it sounds its own alarm first, then echos the alarm in all other units, then repeats this process, then re-sets. Then every 35-45 seconds (timed check occurred usually every 44 seconds, though sometimes as short an interval as 35 seconds or as long as 45 seconds), one of the units, a unit in an open area between upstairs bedrooms, chirps once. A repeat of the four upstairs alarm units resulted in a more than five (5) minute cessation of the chirping routine. So, I thought the insanity generator had ceased. Not so. It resumed its chirping in 35-45 second intervals. A re-test of EVERY unit proved every unit functions properly, has a connection to the network and the power source, etc. EVERY unit has a brand new 9V battery. Every unit has the battery properly installed (a battery installed backwards results in a shrill alarm immediately - I tested that concept). BRK electronics makes all three (3) types of the alarms in this home network. All 13 units have no dust or cobwebs. Bottom line: ALL the units and the network pass every test any expert or commentator online has mentioned. With so many online entries mentioning that their home smoke/CO/heat sensors/alarms chirp falsely at frequent and random times, it seems that until the home alarm industry can solve this problem, the US citizens will likely die from insanity or suicide before ever facing the risk of smoke or CO. I recommend immediate removal of ALL home smoke/CO/heat sensors/alarms until the industry clearly proves, beyond a doubt that every unit they offer for sale works properly, sells at an economical price, has a simple bypass for a single defective unit (if it decides to start waking the household with a false alarm or battery replacement chirp in the middle of the night), that has a simple (no glue, no more than two screws, a standard plug/pigtail wire connector, etc.) replacement process, and ALL manufacturers follow a STANDARD INSTALLATION PROCESS and STANDARD BATTERY REPLACEMENT PROCESS. Annual (or semi-annual) battery replacement should take no longer than five (5) seconds per unit. Current replacement times, with non-standard battery replacement (ALL from the SAME MANUFACTURER!) from unit to unit, with no clear battery polarity (+/-) indicators -- some have a swing-out compartment, some have a slide-out battery compartment, some have a battery wire harness, some require full cover removal, some require partial cover removal, some have a clip-off battery cover, some have one screw battery covers, some have two or four screw battery covers, some have phillips head screws, some have slot-head screws, all take 1-2 minutes (minimum) per unit for battery replacement. We want the detectors/alarms for the safety of our families, not to support the profit margins of the alarm companies.


08:20PM | 12/28/12
Some of these issues are due to ghosts visiting/passing through. Ghosts, as in apparitions. I know it sounds bogus, but believe me...


05:02AM | 01/20/13
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Same problem. Since it tends to happen in the middle of the night and I didn't want to go into the cold garage to break the circuit and change the battery (hardwired), I went to the website recommended in an earlier post and read... but the key thing I noted was RESET the alarm (red button for at least 15 seconds) and CLEAN the sensor...

I held the reset button for 30 seconds, and not wanting to vacuum at 2 am... I stood on my tiptoes on the chair, BLEW on the sensor area a few times...and SILENCE. Thank the Lord.

I'll change the battery in the morning--and reset it properly.


Answer: The smoke alarm will chirp at a regular interval, about once every minute, when the battery is weak and needs to be replaced. On units with the Visible Low Battery Indicator feature, the red LED will blink approximately 4 times a minute. Replace with a fresh 9 Volt battery. FireX Alarms are certified to be used with the following models of batteries: Eveready 216, 522, 1222, Duracell MN 1604 or Ultralife U9VL-J. Do not use any type of rechargeable battery. Once the battery is replaced, the beeping or chirping should stop. If the unit chirps at seemingly random times or at random intervals after replacing the battery, check for the following conditions:

1) The battery may be loose, or improperly installed.

Make sure the battery is fresh, and that it is snapped in all the way so it cannot be shaken loose. It’s possible that battery connections may not be making good contact with the battery. Disconnecting and re-connecting the battery once or twice will likely fix this condition. On units with a front-load battery, be sure that the battery compartment door is closed completely.

2) The smoke alarm cover may be dirty.

Dust and insects can collect in the sensing chamber of the alarm. An accumulation of dust in the sensing chamber can cause the unit to chirp. It is good practice to clean the smoke alarm when you change the battery.

Cleaning smoke alarms:

Remove the alarm from the wall or ceiling and hold the unit on its side. There is a gap between the front cover and the back plate. Take a vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool and clean all around the gap area. Pay most attention to the sensor, which you will see in the gap area. The sensor looks like a small tin can with slots in it.

3) Reset the alarm.

Most current model smoke alarms have a processor that retains certain error conditions, such as a weak battery. The error condition should reset when the battery is replaced but sometimes it does not and must be manually reset to clear the error.

To reset an AC unit with a battery backup:

Turn off the power to the smoke alarm at the circuit breaker. Remove the smoke alarm from the mounting bracket and disconnect the power. Remove the battery. Press and hold the test button for at least 15 seconds. The unit may chirp or alarm for a few seconds before going silent. Reconnect the power and reinstall the battery. The unit will chirp once when the power is restored and should not chirp afterwards."


04:33PM | 02/17/13
I have 4 electric smoke detectors that are beeping loudly in the middle of the night for a few beeps. I'm assuming that I need to replace them, but I can't find the brand name anywhere on the case. It just says they are electric with no battery back-up. I bought this townhouse a little over a year ago and the previous owners left me lots of manuals but not the manual for these smoke detectors. Where do I find the brand name?


07:41PM | 02/27/13
we have the BRK 2002RAC. today all detectors went off and would not stop. there was no smoke anywhere..or any type of heat. ist issue we have ever had with them. I replace batteries every year so its not that. I tried to plug one back in..but smae thing. any suggestions on what the problem could be?


07:08AM | 03/21/13
Same issue here, detectors going off in the middle of the night for no reason. Need to find the manufacturer after taking one down...
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