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03:07PM | 06/21/06
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All bathroom outlets in the house don't have power in them. However, there is still light in the bathrooms. Other outlets are ok, just the ones in the bathrooms don't work. Also, the electric breaker for the bathrooms did not trip. I tried to switch on and off all breakers but no change. Any ideas for what to look into?




03:19PM | 06/21/06
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You must have a GFI circuit that is been activated. GFI's are receptacles that are usually used around wet locations to prevent electrocution in wet/water/damp locations, its a safety measure. Go around the bathroom and reset all the GFI's. There is a "test" and "reset" button, push the test and then the reset button, see what happens. If it trips again or won't reset then you have a Ground Fault somewhere and probably need to call an expert.


04:28PM | 06/21/06
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Current codes require dedicated circuits for bathrooms.

However when GFCI's where first required the bathroom circuits did not have to be dedicated and GFCI's where relatively expensive.

So it was common practice to wire all bathrooms, outside receptacles, and garge receptacles on one circuit with one GFCI. So check ALL BATHROOMS and the garage receptacles for a GFCI.

And do to remodeling they may have been moved.

Someone reporting finding one in a closet.


04:51PM | 06/21/06
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Thank you both for your suggestions! One bathroom had a GFCI, so I tried resetting it by pressing test and then reset, but no change.

We also tried turning off the power, unscrewing the outlets and checking for loose connections inside the boxes, but all connections seem to be good.

I will look to see if I can find another GFCI outlet. Otherwise, I will have to call an electrician.

Thanks again!



05:05PM | 06/21/06
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Actually, we tried again to reset the GFCI box and it worked this time. Now all outlets are working again! Thanks much for the help!



04:28PM | 06/08/13
Thank you for this! Exact same problemI found mine in the laundry room (although the washer dryer and everything worked nothing was plugged into it and it was in a random spot :)


10:57AM | 08/31/14
found the outlet in the guest bathroom and all outlets in the four bathrooms are now working.


05:57PM | 12/30/14
This article helped greatly. Thank you. My GFCI was in the garage, and pressing the reset button brought back electricity into all the bathroom outlets.

Contractor John

04:38PM | 01/04/15
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A favorite trick when the bathroom backed up to the kitchen was to run the bathroom off the kitchen GFI or vice versa
Contractor John


09:35PM | 01/14/15
I am having this same problem and I have pressed test and reset on all the GFI outlets about three times now and reset the breaker 3 times even though none of the outlets or breaker box appeared to be tripped. What is the next thing I can try or do I need to call an electrician?


06:10PM | 02/01/15
Ha, this finally helped me locate the issue when I had the same problem. I knew GFCI was likely the problem and had tried resetting all the ones i could find, including in the garage... However, i'd overlooked the exterior outlet on the back deck. Sure enough, it had tripped, and resetting it got everything working again. Was about to call an electrician - that could have been embarrassing!


07:34PM | 11/29/15
Same issue power to bathroom outlets....I found the GFI that needed resetting in my basement.....


09:21PM | 12/13/15


07:30PM | 01/03/16
Thank you so much for the comments here. Same exact problem for me so I went searching for GFI outlet. Like others have mentioned, I found my GFI outlet in the garage in an obscure location. Reset the button and all is good! Glad I found this thread.


11:04AM | 01/16/16
Right on. The 3rd bathroom outlet had tripped and needed to be reset. Thanks so much!


07:07PM | 03/09/16
I have power to all wires in the outlet put still not working 120 volts on the wires nothing in the socket


08:58PM | 06/17/16
Both bathroom outlets do not have power (non gfci outlets). After reading this I went on a hunt around the house for a gfci. Found one outside - did nothing. Then found another under kitchen sink garbage disposal is plugged in to. Got excited thinking this was it. Pushed test and reset a couple times and now the garbage disposal does not work either... Amy suggestions? Flipped every single breaker in the panel.


10:46AM | 06/19/16
Look for a reset button under the disposal itself.


08:09PM | 06/19/16
THANK YOU!!! Found the outlet in the garage, pushed the set/reset buttons a couple of times, and now the outlets in the house all work fine. 10 minutes of hunting the outlet saved me about $200 for an electrician to come push the same buttons. Thanks so much!


01:55PM | 06/30/16
Thanks for this thread, had no lights or power to outlets in my half bath - I'd flipped all my circuits and had no success. I live in an old building so based on these suggestions found the reset button in the other bathroom and it fixed the problem.


05:25PM | 08/13/16
Our outlets in the bathrooms were not working this morning when I turned on the blow dryer. Went to other bathroom, not working there either. All other outlets in the house working. Not an emergency so we just decided we would fool with it later. We ran some errands and when we got back I did just as my daughter has done many times, Googled "wall plugs in bathrooms do not work". Bob Vila community forum came up with the exact question. Info was "however when GFCI's were first required the bathroom circuits did not have to be dedicated and GFCI's where relatively expensive. So it was common practice to wire all bathrooms, outside receptacles, and garge receptacles on one circuit with one GFCI. So check ALL BATHROOMS and the garage receptacles for a GFCI. I remembered that yesterday hubby ran an extension cord from washer plug to a fan in the garage. I asked him if it was because outlets didn't work in garage, he said yes. I then told him what I had read and if there must be a GFCI plug in the garage. He reluctantly went to look. Bingo! Reset GFCI and plugs are now working. Problem solved! Thank you Bob Vila.


06:50PM | 09/27/16
exact same problem with lights working but no power in outlets. Found the reset switch in one of the powder room. Now outlets work.

Thanks for the support.


12:17PM | 11/28/16
I have reset all of the GFI but the one in my bathroom will not reset. Do I need to get a new GFI put in. I have not power to any of my bathroom outlets. The other 2 GFI outlets are in the kitchen and they reset fine.


07:26PM | 07/21/17
Keep looking for another GFI trip. I just spent 4 hours working on this and then found a trip by my garage door that I look at every day. I reset that and then reset the one in the restrooms. All is good! Boy did I feel STUPID!! lol


04:56PM | 07/28/17
Same issue here my upperfloor all washroom outlet not working, just found my GFI in the washroom as ground level just press test button and then reset button, everthing good to go now.


04:11PM | 08/17/17
No GFI in 2 of 3 bathrooms. 3rd bathroom has GFI. It was tripped. Reset...all bathroom outlets now working. Thanks


03:47PM | 10/19/17
Thank you everyone who replied to this chain. Completely helped me and I learned so much! I have a Garage GFI breaker and an outlet. Reset both and the problem was instantly solved!


09:41AM | 10/25/17
Great info - I had the same issue where the bathroom outlets were not working and none of them were the GFI type with the internal breaker. Tried resetting the main breaker and it did not fix the issue but then I located a GFI outlet in the garage and reset... problem solved!


12:58PM | 11/25/17
Yes! GFCI was on an unused, virtually hidden outlet in the garage. Made my day.


01:00PM | 02/05/18
I love the internet!!! Had the same issue, tried all the GFCI's all around the house. Was ready to open up the electrical plates until I came to this site. My GFCI that controlled the bathrooms happened to be in my garage. Why? Who cares, it was there and now we all good.


02:39PM | 02/05/18
I have the same problem in my house but I could find only one gfci outlet in the kitchen which of course I reset but not fix the problem idk where else to took for gfci outlets, can it be only one in the whole house?


08:04PM | 03/18/18
04:28PM | 06/21/06
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Current codes require dedicated circuits for bathrooms.

However when GFCI's where first required the bathroom circuits did not have to be dedicated and GFCI's where relatively expensive.

So it was common practice to wire all bathrooms, outside receptacles, and garge receptacles on one circuit with one GFCI. So check ALL BATHROOMS and the garage receptacles for a GFCI.

And do to remodeling they may have been moved.

Someone reporting finding one in a closet.

I am shocked. Both the bathrooms had tripped and I could not for the life of me find the answer. When I read your post, it literally described what I was experiencing, 2 tripped bathrooms, a tripped porch light and then I finally found it. The GFCI in the garage… the garage?!!!

Anyways, that was hilarious.



09:26AM | 04/06/18
I was washing my hands and the lights went out! Now none of the wall switches or wall plugs work except gfi! Breaker is fine! Help please!


09:36AM | 04/06/18
No power in switches or outlets except gfi! My master also has no power even in outlets but for farthest w all from bathroom!


12:28AM | 04/08/18
Roofus, thank you, sir.


04:28PM | 04/22/18
Billhart, you saved my life. Could not find why my plugs weren't working. Stupid GFI in garage!


01:23PM | 06/03/18
I found my GFI in the garage. Thank you guys


05:41PM | 06/26/18
Thank you. It worked!


08:52AM | 06/30/18
This thread saved me $200. As a clueless new homeowner thank you to all.


01:07PM | 07/24/18
Awesome thread. I was about to part with some $ that I can't spare this month. A regular outlet in my garage (with the reset switch on it), cured all my problems, once I reset it. Thanks so much!!!


11:44PM | 08/17/18
I am having the same problem as everyone else - dead outlets in both bathrooms. The breakers are fine so it must be the GFI but where is it?!! I've lived in this townhouse for 28 years. Walls have been painted, furniture has been rearranged over the years and I have never seen anything that remotely looks like the picture. I don't have a garage, just a carport and one outlet on the patio. The laundry/storage room is part of the carport and houses the washer, dryer and hot water heater which are on their own breakers. I'm stumped!


03:40PM | 08/30/18
I looked all over the house and garage for a GFI to reset. No luck even finding one. Then I remembered seeing one on the covered outlet on the patio. Light was yellow, pressed test and reset a few times and yellow light went out. Outlet in master bathroom working again... Glad I found this post!


08:46PM | 10/21/18
Thank u for this post, one day all of my bathroom outlets went out. After reading everyone’s reply’s, I found my GFI in my garage, I pressed RESET and they work now.


06:32PM | 11/03/18
YAA I found the GFI switch in the kitchen. I am so happy and proud of myself. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THE ADVICE!
Elizabeth Brady


11:38AM | 11/10/18
Thank you all so much! There is no reset outlet in my house but I flipped the breaker for the dishwasher and now after 5 weeks my bathroom outlets finally work!


01:46PM | 11/16/18
THANK YOU! This thread helped me fix the problem w/out calling my electrician!!


05:34PM | 12/12/18
The outlets in two second floor bathrooms not working (first floor bathroom is fine). They are both gfi , with test/reset, but that does not work.

The bathrooms also share a wall. One is master and other is in the hallway.

Even though they are both gfci, could it still be the same problem? This is my mothers condo and I believe all the outlets are gfci.

No trips in the breaker.


03:07AM | 12/14/18
Help I have 2 bathrooms and electric sockets not working. The house is 14 months old. I have one gfi in the garage I re set it 3 times still nothing. I checked the breakers and reset the house gfi still nothing. I also checked outside nothing. Any suggestions????


12:37PM | 01/22/19
I read this whole post. I’ve been without power in my bathroom, walk-in closet and bedroom for 5 days now. Trying to avoid calling electrician. Was going to bite the bullet today but decided to go online for a dyi fix. Read a different post and YAY got my power back on!!!!!!
What I did was tried multiple times to reset gfi nothing worked, even got a pointy object to press harder, didn’t help. Decided to look in garage—-nothing
Then read other post which recommended to switch off all switches including the MAIN switch. My panel is labeled for the outlets in the house so I only kept switching that one off and on. I noticed one switch didn’t go back as solid as all the others. It would land almost halfway between on and off. I pushed it to on position, but wouldn’t click in. Thought I would need to replace the switch. So I tried one last time.
Switched everyone of the switches in the panel to off including the main. Then one by one switched them all back on This time the stubborn switch clicked in perfectly. POWER!!!!!!


05:09PM | 02/07/19
Finally found the one in my townhouse (with no garage) in the downstairs bathroom.Test and reset worked. All outlets in all 3 bathrooms (the 1 downstairs and 2 upstairs) are now working again. If you think you've checked everywhere.. CHECK AGAIN. I overlooked mine 3 times before realizing it was there.


08:47PM | 04/19/19
Bathroom outlets not working. Reviewed these responses. Located all the GFCIs, tested/ reset. Yay! Victory!. Thanks to all! Happy Easter!


08:45AM | 06/14/19
Yep, Thanks to the forum. I have been searching for GFCL everywhere. I got one in Kitchen, but is limited only in Kitchen , not in bathroom. I searched everywhere but not success. I have almost given up and thinking to hire electrician to get fixed all the outlets in all bathrooms.
But, one day, I got surprised seeing the GFCI in garage covered with the foam and hanging board. I believe that previous house owner kept it secret from their kids.
I found it, without delay I did switch ON and checked all the outlets, yes power in every outlet.
So, there must be somewhere, you will get it the GFCI.
Thanks and hope this helps to get power in bathroom outlets in your home.


01:51AM | 08/07/19
Thank you guys mine had the same problem and thanks to this article now there working


09:10PM | 09/05/19
Wow thanks!GFI tripped in another bathroom. Fan and outlets in problem bathroom that had no GFI are working again.


11:42PM | 09/09/19
Thank you to everyone!! Same situation and we found a popped gfci outlet in the garage and now all our bathrooms are working again.


01:35PM | 09/17/19
same problem... happens 2 times a year or so... I never able to find the main GFCI yet... but the strange thing is the power returns after a few weeks and/or months... seems strange since I didn't reset a GFCI... unless we have ghosts, what would explain the power coming back in the bathroom outlets on their own?


06:33AM | 11/01/19
My garage reset has two colored dots.One is yellow. One is red. I'm not sure which is supposed to turn on. I would assume yellow but both are flat to surface. Nothing happens with finger touch. I tried pushing with medal object. Nothing happens. I can't explain your problem or mine. Sorry. It is frustrating.


05:33AM | 12/12/19
Lost power completely in master bathroom,no where else. I had just walked out of the bathroom when the lights shut off. Found this post and immediately searched for gfci outlets. Tried another bathroom, didn't work. Tried the laundry room and that was it! Power is back on! Thanks!


06:07AM | 01/08/20
Found it..guest bathroom..thanks guys


04:17PM | 03/22/20
Thanks a lot. My GFCI was in the powder room. Reset it and all outlets started working.


08:39PM | 04/03/20
Thank you so much to this website! I did not know what to do and I even though why I’m trying to reset all the GFCI’s around my home until I did it and my bathroom outlet started working again! Thank you again !!!!!! Everyone that reads this post should try to do it,,, it would definitely work !!!


09:01PM | 04/03/20
I had the same problem and the GFCIs to all my bathrooms is in the guest bathroom. Thank you.


09:12PM | 04/19/20
Experiencing all of the above. I have two reset outlets. One in the downstairs powder room and one in the kitchen. It didn’t work. Wondering if there is a third. Many people have mentioned in garage. Where is the likely spot in garage? Haven’t seen one yet.


02:29PM | 05/03/20
Thank you Bob Vila forums! You saved me a ton of money and headache with this post! I had been searching for the hidden GFCI for weeks and it was in my second bathroom all the time!

You guys are awesome!!!


02:31PM | 06/06/20
Thank you!!! I was about to call an electrician. #COVID-19 #DIY #YES_GOOGLE


03:32PM | 06/14/20
Hidden garage receptacle reset here as well!!! So happy this was the fix!! Saved so many additional headaches!!


10:22PM | 07/10/20
Fantastic Info! Found the 2nd CGI in the garage! (Other one was in kitchen.) Reset nd now bathroom outlets are working fine!


06:18PM | 07/29/20
Thank you all. Had bathroom outlets not working. Reset gfci in all 3 bathrooms only 2 outlets in garage none there around the house total 4 reset all 3 times and now they work. Thank you wonderful people.


09:44AM | 08/03/20
Fantastic solutions. Had problems with all three bathroom outlets, and reset my GFCI outlet, which I found in the garage. Thanks!


04:35PM | 08/06/20
It’s 2020 and time to say thanks again for this post! We just moved into a new house and one of the bathroom outlets wasn’t working. I was ready to book an electrician when I tried the outlet in the other bathroom. Same deal. I googled and found this thread. Went outside this morning to the circuit breaker box and found a breaker labeled GFCI that was tripped. Reset it and both bathrooms work now!


11:44AM | 10/07/20
THANK YOU! Only one GFCI circuit and mine was in the garage.


09:59PM | 11/05/20
This is a test.


09:42AM | 11/09/20
Hi, I've got 3 bathrooms (on 1.5 floors) and ALL the outlets aren't working (lights and vents are working). NONE are GFCI (it wasn't required when the house was built). I found the only GFCI outlet in the garage, which does have power. I reset it, but it did not affect the other outlets. The breakers haven't affected the outlets either (none were tripped).

Could this be a potential wiring issue since all outlets have been affected? We replaced one outlet and swapped it with another and the outlet itself is working but it's not receiving any power to the outlet.

Help is appreciated! I don't want to call an electrician just yet, if we can diagnose it ourselves I can likely fix it.


07:09PM | 11/22/20
Bathroom and kitchen GFCI resets didn't fix the bathroom plugs. Then I found a GFCI hiding behind a shelf in the garage. The other garage plug was working. Reset the garage one, then had to do the one in the bathroom again and it worked this time! It also fixed the other bathroom.


10:04PM | 12/02/20
This thread saved me a couple hundred dollars lol! Thank you!!


02:31PM | 12/06/20
This was amazing! Thank you!! GFCI tripped for the bathrooms and the outlet was in the garage!!


11:54AM | 12/12/20
So glad I stumbled across this article. For whatever reason the GCFI in our house is not in the master bathroom. Found it in the guest bathroom, reset it and voila!


03:10PM | 01/08/21
Thank you! This is an amazing post. I fixed the problem where there was light in the master bathroom but no power to the outlet. After spending 30 minutes going around the house and reset GCFI I could find (2 in the kitchen), I finally found the ONE at the garage. Totally saved me from calling in an electrician.


10:35AM | 02/07/21
How to fix is open hot receptacle outlet


10:37AM | 02/07/21
How to fix is open hot receptacle


10:24PM | 02/25/21
Two of our outlets in our master bath stopped working. Thanks to this thread, i found we have three GCFI outlets. One in the garage, one outside, and one in our spare bathroom.


08:36PM | 04/01/21
This post that started 15 years ago just saved us a call to an electrician. We thought the outlets in the bathroom were connected to the GCFI in that bathroom. They weren't! My boyfriend has been up there trying to figure this out for days. I read this post, went up and asked him if he had checked all GCFIs in the house. I went into one of our other bathrooms and saw that the test button was pressed. I hit reset, went back to the other bathroom and both outlets work again! Thank you!!


12:26PM | 04/15/21
This post was so helpful. Thank you! My condo was power washed yesterday to prep it for painting and the outlets in my bathrooms stopped working. I flipped the breaker for the GFCI and that didn’t fix it. I found my GFCI in the garage!! I never would have looked there.


02:29PM | 05/10/21
Same issue, 3 bathrooms, no power. Searched high and low for the hidden GFI. Finally found it in the worst possible location-in the storage room, near the floor behind a bunch of extra furniture. Would’ve been much better off to put it at least 4 feet above the floor.


12:20PM | 05/17/21
This was my problem, the outside outlet was worn out.
It tripped the breaker for the washer.


08:10PM | 06/07/21
Thank you so much, saved me a call for an electrician which was my next step.


07:37AM | 06/23/21
Mine was in the boiler room. Thanks for the thread!


01:01PM | 06/23/21
What happens if III find the gfci outlet which was in the garage for us but when pressing it neither respond, they both press on but don’t have that usual pop where one stays up and the other goes down for a reset. Our bathrooms outlets don’t work. So we need to replace the gfci outlet?


01:02PM | 06/23/21
Meant to type “they both press in” but don’t stay in or have the usual pop that gfci circuits have.


12:37PM | 07/02/21
Everything is plugged in the toilet


09:42PM | 07/13/21
Great thread, our master bathroom outlets stopped working, reset the gfci outlet in the up stairs bathroom and everything is working again


11:45AM | 07/18/21
Exactly the post I was looking for. Thank you


10:08AM | 08/08/21
I think this post will keep saving folks money for years and years to come. I had the same problem (no bathroom sockets working, no outdoor sockets working). I had no idea that hunting down and resetting all GFCI sockets in the house will fix all of them!! Thanks so much for this awesome post.


10:39PM | 08/30/21
This article helped and is still relevant! My GCFI outlet was in my garage.


10:46PM | 08/30/21
Thank u bill hart!!! This helped tremendously


05:21PM | 09/26/21
So glad I ran across this forum. I was mentally preparing myself to give an electrician a lot of money. Found the GFCI breaker tripped and reset it, and all outlets work again.


03:31PM | 10/02/21
Its October 2021 - all I can say is "thank you" "thank you" "thank you". The GFCI in the gargage is what did the trick for me. I am so happy after being totally discourage. Highly appreciative!!!!!!!!!!


11:53AM | 10/08/21
This saved me so much angst! I looked all over after reading this and found the culprit in the powder room on the 1st floor. Restored the power in the 2 outlets in the Master!! This is awesome information and would have felt like an idiot if I had called someone out!!


01:05PM | 10/08/21
My bathroom outlets stopped working and so I did the thing where you test and reset. The outlet downstairs worked, so I went to my bathroom upstairs and saw my toothbrush charging. I looked into my mirror and squealed that I was an electrician haha. There’s no better feeling than being able to solve a problem

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