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05:45PM | 08/23/06
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I rent a suite and I used the 220v stove plug for a stacking washer and dryer, also with the stove both on the same plug, spliced together.

I used the washer dryer and stove and oven at the same time, and they all shut off on me... The washer still works fine, and so does the clock on the stove. the stove oven and dryer dont work.

I checked the house breaker box, and everything apears to be on ?? nothing off..

What do I do ??? any help ?



06:24PM | 08/23/06
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It sounds like you lost one of the hot's, but giving you only 120 volts on one leg to neutral.

I suspect that one of the "splices" burned out.

This whole setup is dangerous and a potential fire hazarded.

You need to get an electrican to repair the existing circuit for the range and a new one for the dryer.


10:58PM | 08/23/06
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The splice was done close to the backs of each unit, and wired to one plug that connects to the wall socket.

Where exactly would it have burned out, or what would be fried at this point, where along the line... Before the wall socket ? through the wall ?

Why wouldnt the breaker blow, why the hell would something fry ?


doug seibert

06:19AM | 08/24/06
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You mention you RENT this suite......DIY work requires a property ownership.........If you don't OWN it you can't fix it.......

Your illegal electrical connections can place the lives and property of others in danger.....and YOU can be held responsible for that damage and their consequences.......

"...The splice was done close to the backs of each unit, and wired to one plug that connects to the wall socket.......Where...or what would be fried at this point....."

Clearly One of the ILLEGAL wire connections has failed......

"...Why wouldnt the breaker blow....."

The connection was the "weakest link"......The wire/connection failed before the breaker overloaded......and there was not a "shorted" condition to trip the breaker...

"....why the h*ll would something fry ?....."

Because it's wrong/illegal/dangerous to attempt to power devices the way you have wired them......the connections are improper.......The washer/dryer wiring is meant to be protected at 30 amps yet you have 40/50 amps suppying them....and more.......

The Building Code provides a minimum protection against problems......

in your case DARWIN provides a final solution !

UNPLUG THIS MESS and call the landlord for help in hiring a professional to install the proper circuits to operate the additional equipment.....

"...measure once.....cut twice....throw that one away and cut a new one...."


07:20AM | 08/24/06
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I agree. It was irresponsible and dangerous to try splicing equipment like that all together. I am pretty sure you would be in jail if the building burned and someone got hurt.

Find an apartment with washer/dryer hookups.


08:22AM | 08/24/06
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How about uploading an image of this improperly wired system. I would like to see this for a what not to do image.


11:17AM | 08/24/06
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Well the initial idea was to connect both of them to the same 220v outlet, but just not run both at the same time. As time passed so did the idea of not using both at once.

The units are several feet apart, but I have cut the stove plug off, connected both of the units together, and then reconnected the plug.

Not to mention the plug was the wrong shape for the wall socket, coming from the stackable washer and drier.

So my finial question is this. " I assume I have fried one half of the 220v connection, is that fried part a severed wire, or burned to nothing? Also is that wire thats fried, were is the most logical spot for it to frie ? Behind the stove, before the wall ?? Or is the wire inside the wall toast ? theres alot of distance between my suite, and the breaker box."

I do rent, but anywere that I rent, I always renovate the place with supplys I have stolen from work, new floor tile, wallpaper, closet knobs, dishwasher installation, washer/dryer. When the landlord has a problem I say hey go ahead and serve an eviction notice, then I stiff them on a months rent.



11:19AM | 08/24/06
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can i take the remaining 110v 'hot wire' and use another 110 15A wall socket as the other hot, running it acrost the room and completing the 220v ? hahaha thats safe rite? I got laundry to do, food to cook!


07:44AM | 09/05/06
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your two 110 wires may be of the same potential, giving you 0v across your outlet. I would give, coin operated washers and dryers are cheaper than a hospital bill

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