10:14PM | 10/11/06
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i have currently a 220 line running up thru my floor in my living room for a air conditioner that is no longer there. Can i pull this wire off and run me several plugs outside for christmas lites off this 220 line.


07:36AM | 10/12/06
Member Since: 03/08/06
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I am sure you can do that if you following the wires back to the panel and rewire them to a 110 breaker.

Tom O

03:33PM | 10/12/06
Member Since: 09/17/02
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Yes, this can be done. If the wire size is #14, you'll be limited to a 15 amp circuit and if the wire size is #12 or larger, then you would be able to use a 20 amp breaker.

If a 2 wire cable was run, back at the panel you'll need to move the white wire from the breaker to the neutral bus and remove any marking tape that may have been applied. Check that the breaker for the hot wire does not exceed what is stated above.

When you install the outlets, don't forget that they will need to be ground fault protected (NEC210.8(A)(3)) and they will need to have covers that are rain-tight while in use (NEC406.8(B)(1))


12:47PM | 10/15/06
Member Since: 10/10/06
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well what i have so far is a 220 line running out of my box to the outside.. then it has been branched off to two 110 lines. I mean they are already hooked up to one receptical a peice but i wanted to add a few more to them. These are gonna be the only things i have that will power all my christmas decorations.


01:08PM | 10/15/06
Member Since: 04/25/05
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If the circuit was 240 you can't not legally or safely convert it to two separate 120 volt circuits.

But you can if it was a 120/240 circuit. But those are not needed by AC units and are typically not run.

What the other people where saying was to convert it to a SINGLE 120 circuit.

What wires do you have and what color are they?


11:12AM | 10/16/06
Member Since: 10/10/06
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what i have right now is fudged up... its a 40 amp breaker running a line to my dryer using 12/2 wire.... off that they have a 110 line branched off of it.


01:59PM | 10/16/06
Member Since: 04/25/05
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More like all ...up. And the word does start with an F, but not fudged.

And it is danagerous.


07:02AM | 12/28/06
Member Since: 12/27/06
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Your going to have to replace that line, I think you need 8 gauge wire for a 40 amp breaker, and your going to have to run a new line for the 110v curcuit running off of the dryer plug.

Just because it works does make it right. I could wire up your house with stereo wire and make it work, but your house would burn down in less than a week.


02:31PM | 01/28/07
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To add to this discussion, I have recently purchased a gas stovetop to replace my current electric one. As you know, gas stoves only need 110V for the lighter spark. I had planned to go into the 240V outlet that is present, and pick up one hot and a neutral to get 110V. (I'm obviously not an electrician, but have worked with several over the years). My questions:

1. Is this legal to do this way?

2. If there is no actual neutral wire, only two hot legs and a ground, then is my only solution to go back into the panel and follow the previous instuctions of moving one of the hot legs to the neutral bar, and replacing the "double breaker" to a single 15 amp?

Thanks in advance for the help!


04:38PM | 01/28/07
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If the wiring has 4 conductors (two hots, typically black and red; neutral - white, and ground-bare or ground) it can be converted by just connection one hot, neutral and ground wire to the 120 receptacle.

Note, that in some cases metal conduit or metal armour cable (mistaking called BX cable) supplies the ground and you will have two hots and a neutral (white). That can also be converted. The ground wire has to connect to the metal box if there is no ground wire to connect to.

But if you only have 3 connections they are legal two hots and a NEUTRAL (even if it is bare) you can not.

Codes do not allow some wires to be re-assigned, but others can.
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