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09:58AM | 10/17/06
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We jsut took a dryer to our basement. 3 prong. We plugged it in and then ran the vent hose over to it and tried to put the vent hose in the back and sparks came out. It seems like the vent hose is acting as a ground and the current is going through the vent. How do we ground it? There is a ground bolt in the back of the dryer. What do we ground it too?

Tom O

03:23PM | 10/17/06
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This is not the type of problem I'm comfortable giving advice on. Call an electrician. The dryer should be getting its ground through the 3rd wire in the cord. Sparking indicates that there may be problems with either the dryer, the power to the dryer or metal parts of the vent may be touching something that is energized.

While waitng for the electrician (or someone like him) turn off the breaker for the dryer. Also, avoid touching any metal parts of the vent.


05:01PM | 10/17/06
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Dryers can be wired two ways.

4 wire connects where you have two hots, neutral and separate ground.

Or they can be wired with 3 wires two hots and a neutral. This is an older method. It can be used for new circuits. But it can still be used for installing new dryers if the circuit exists.

When installing 3 wire cordset on the dryer there is bonding strap or wire that is connected. It jumpers from the ground connection (or case) to the neutral terminal.

If that is not installed then the case is not ground. But even then you should not have sparkes. That indicates that there is a fault within the dryer.

If the bonding strap was installed and the dryer running them it indicates that there is problem with neutral connections in the cord or circuit.

There is also the slight possibility that the duct is "hot". Could be crossing some frayed wiring or it could be a problem with the power company grounding.

You need an electrican to start trouble shooting this.


11:28AM | 10/19/06
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The ground wire was not attached to the inside of the machine. screwed it on and whala...dryer!


08:52PM | 07/05/18
Hello! I’m having this same problem. Did you find an answer that worked?


08:35AM | 12/12/18
We recently had a dryer vent fire in the house. We thought it was due to dirty vents. We had them cleaned and also had an electrician look at the dryer. It was discovered that the ground wire was not attached. After it was installed, everything seemed fine. Just the other day, we noticed that the dryer was still arcing between the vent hose and back plate of the dryer. Maytag is sending a technician to look at the dryer. However, since it is out of warranty, they will only cover the cost of the troubleshooting and not the repair.


09:33PM | 11/22/19
Just had this issue and was able to resolve it.
Problem: When I connect the new dryer to the venting, there would be a spark at the connection between the dryer and vent, and the breaker would trip.

Solution: My outlet was mis-wired. One of the hot lines was swapped with the neutral. I switched those two and the problem went away.

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