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01:02PM | 01/29/07
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The celing outlet has one 3-conductor wire running to the wall outlet (black, white, red, ground). I hooked up the celing fan's white to outlet's white, the ground to ground and then ceiling fan's black to black. I also hooked the fan's light wiring (blue) to the outlet black.


Gnd --> Gnd

White --> White

Black --> Black

Blue --> Black

At the wall there are two 3-conductor wires running into the outlet. I'm trying to install a new switch with a dimmer slider. The light works when the switch is turned on, it even dims. But when the fan is on and the dimmer is lowered, the fan motor slows down as well. I'm thinking that I should have hooked the blue ceiling fan wire to the red ceiling outlet wire. And then that red wire to the switch.

Right now the wire that comes from the ceiling has it's white wire connected to the second white wire. The red is not used. The gnd is hooked to the switch. The black is connected to the switch. The second wire's black is hooked to the switch and the red is not used.

Does anyone know if hooking the blue to the red and the connecting the red to the switch is the right way to go to solve my dimming motor issues?


02:22PM | 01/29/07
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It sounds like power comes from the switch to the receptacle(s). And at the receptacle they are "split" so that the wall switch controls 1/2 of the duplex receptacle and the other half is always hot.

Is this correct? The problem with this that you are not suppose to use dimmer on a receptacle. The reason is that things other than a light might be plugged into that receptacle.

But there might be a fix for this.

At the switch how many wires and what is connected to what?

Typicall the black would be the always hot and the red the switched hot. But yours seems to be different, not wrong, just different.


07:03AM | 01/31/07
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At the ceiling fan you should connect the white to white, black to black, and blue to red.

At the switch, for the cable from the ceiling, connect the white to the white from the "non-ceiling" cable, the red to the switch, and the black to the black from the "non-ceiling" cable along with a short pigtail that will connect to the switch. Leave the red from the "non-ceiling" cable disconnected.

All bare and green wires are connected together.

This will control the light from the switch and allow control of the fan from the pull chain.

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