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10:56AM | 10/03/07
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Can I and how do I use a packaged remote control for a ceiling fan/light combination unit, when my house already is wired for separate fan versus light control? I had a ceiling fan/light combination that was operated by two independent wall switches. One for the fan and one for the light. The old fan/light had a pull down chain that let me operate the 3 speeds of the fan. Due to my wife's remodeling, we purchased a new ceiling fan/light. Almost all of these new units have packaged remote/receivers. I can have installed the fan/light (a Hampton Bay Veranda) without the remote/receiver and it works fine, but I've lost my ability to control the fan speed since there are no longer pull down chains. My house wiring has a green ground and two black and two white wires. The fan/light unit has one green, one white and one black. I had the new unit (without reciever) hooked the white, all whites together, greens together, one house black to fan black and one house black to the blue light wire. Now, I'm trying to modify that wiring to add the receiver so it will work with the fan only. The receiver has a green which I just attach to other grounds. It also has a black to the fan motor, a blue to the light and a white to the fan motor. The receiver, of course, has inputs for white and black from the house. I want to hook one house black directly to the fan black and the receiver blue to the light blue wire. It's easy enough to see the other house black has to go to the receiver black input, but I don't know what to do with the receiver white input or receiver white out to the motor. It doesn't seem like the independent fan wall switch will work if I only attach the receiver white out to the ceiling fan/light white. It seems like I should add the other white in from the house to this mix with all the whites going together. Can I do what I want to?


04:12PM | 10/03/07
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I don't think you can use both the 2 wall switches and the wireless remote to control this fixture.

The wireless remote is designed to control ALL the functions itself, needing only house power (white + black)-- even a single wall switch to control the power is redundant.


06:47PM | 10/03/07
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I have tried reading this several times and don't have any idea of what wire are connected to what.

I keep losing my place.

But I have several comments.

I have run across two types of fans with remotes.

One is an add on kit. The basic fan has the black for fan power and blue for lights. There are also pullchain switches on the fan for the light and for the speeed control. And a switch for fan reversing.

With the add on remote the light is left on and the fan speed is on high and the remote receiver output hooks to the black and blue wire and can dim the light and change fan speed. But you need the switch on the fan for reversing.

Others the remote is builtin and can handle the reversing. With that type there is no way to hook it up and bypass the remote.

Maybe they have come out with a hybrid model with only a reverse switch and uses the add on remote for light and speed control.

If so you can install it without the remote and use a wall mounted speed control.

However, your wiring is strange. How many conduits or cables are in the box? What wires are in each conduit or cable? And are anything wires connected together other than those mentioned?

How was the old fan wired?

Same thing in the switch box?


07:25AM | 10/11/07
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I called the ceiling fan manufacturer and they would not discuss any wiring other than the standard installation guide instructions. Fortunately I found a universal/all brand fan speed control wall switch made by Hunter. I just discarded the remote control/receiver package with the fan/light and wired the fan and light black and blue wires separately to the two house black wires and connected both white house wires to the one white fan/light wire. I then installed the fan speed switch in the wall where the plain old toggle light switch was that was controlling the on/off for the fan. I don't have any remote control functionality, but my family would lose the remote control anyway and we can control everything (but reversing the fan) from the wall.


12:50AM | 06/22/13
i have the same problem . so you just did not used your remote?


12:32PM | 07/03/13
When I take of the large globe on my ceiling fan, there is silver paper, wires and lights (3 small) How can I remove this silver part (I don't want the lights) and just have the fan component.

Thank you


08:46PM | 01/16/16
Installing a Home Depot (Home Decorations) fan with remote. My house is wired with 2 switches for ceiling fan, one for light, one for fan. Ceiling fan is wired for 1 hot wire only, and functions are through remote. I opened top cover of fan and traced blue and white wires that came from control unit down into hollow shaft that ran to light. Confirmed that wires coming to light were same white and blue. Cut and capped wires out of control unit, and ran the wires to light up to ceiling power (had to splice in more length).

After you put it all together, PROGRAM REMOTE. I didn't do that first time and remote didn't work. Thought I had messed something up, but I just didn't read last step of directions, and the remote wasn't programmed.

Works great. Light switch on wall controls light. Wall switch for fan puts fan on at what-ever speed you last left it, and remote with control speed if you want to change it.


08:53PM | 05/11/18
Hi - I have a Hunter fan/light combo and two wall switches. I've added a remote control that I intend to use to control both the fan and light aspects. I have it hooked up just using one of the wall switches and capped of the red ceiling wire that led to the other wall switch. The wall switch that all is hooked through is left on at all times. All seems to work perfectly except the dimming aspect for the lights. Bulbs are dimmable. Is this a wiring problem or would you suspect a remote control problem? Any advice would be appreciated.


11:48AM | 07/07/20
BV010156 - would you be kind enough to send a pic on how you wired? Thanks


10:02PM | 09/07/20
I have a Patriot Ceiling fan with a remote. It requires just the 2 wires for power (black & white), but previous fan used the red wire for a separate switch (it had a one switch for motor power and one for light).

Anyway to wire this so as to continue to use the switches to provide power to the fan and light separately.


02:34PM | 11/21/20
Installing a fan with remote. the old fan did not have a remote and I have 2 switches on wall 1 light and 1 for fan. Wires are black,white,red,and ground coming out of house fan has white black and ground what do I do with red wire?

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