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07:44AM | 10/10/07
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We had 9 recessed lights in the kitchen ceiling, all controlled by one switch. In a recent remodel (two months ago), we had the electrician separate out four of the lights onto a new switch. Over the last few days, when we switch on these four lights with the new switch, one of the four lights goes out after about a couple of hours. We have turned off the switch whenever that has happened. But when we turn on the switch the next day, all four lights come on, and then this one light again goes out after a couple of hours. What could be the likely cause? I am worried that there is a loose connection somewhere that is arcing or otherwise generating heat and causing a disconnection. Any suggestions as to what to do would be most appreciated. thank you


04:10PM | 10/10/07
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Can lights have a over tempature safety cutoff.

First check that you have the correct wattage and style of bulbs. When you remove the bulb and sometime also the trim ring there will be a lable that list the different bulbs are are acceptacle. Also note that some time the bulb size depends on which trim ring is used. All of that will be on the lable.

Also if these are non-IC (non insulation contact) and insulation has been push in around it that can cause it to over heat.

If one of those is not the problem then the tempature cutoff is defective and the fixture needs replacing.


05:06AM | 10/11/07
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thanks for the reply. I will check the can light labels


07:31PM | 06/19/18
Had the same issue...the bulbs got too hot and the sensor turned them off until they cooled down.
Bought LED lights (run cooler) and replaced the conventional spots. The lights stay cool and do not turn off. Problem solved!


03:57PM | 08/05/18
We have the opposite problem. Everything operated fine until we changed to LED bulbs now we have the issue of the lights going on and off


10:07PM | 08/31/19
I also have LED recessed light assemblies from Costco that turn off after a few seconds of turning on.


12:19PM | 05/04/20
I also have this problem AFTER switching to led lights that are meant for recessed fixtures.


10:16AM | 06/22/20
Me too— the switch to LED’s caused the problem of the lights cycling from a bright to dim every couple of minutes. We switched the bulbs twice to check to see if the problem was the bulbs. We changed the switches to make sure they were compatible with LEF’s. The problem is still there!


09:47PM | 07/07/20
We are also have the same issue with LEDs in recessed fixtures that were put in about 20 years ago. Replaced the switches with Lutron LED compatible dimmers but we seem to be having similar on off issues as well as an occasional loud buzzing coming from one of the four lights. We have the high intensity dimmable recessed lights. When I pull one out of the fixture, the four lights on the circuit begin to go on and off. Not sure whether its the bulb, LED driver or the switch causing the problem. Will try the bulb first. It only happens with one of the lights on the circuit.


08:47AM | 09/30/21
Same issue - one light goes out and this is after months of normal use. They replace the light and another goes out after months. Been going on for 2.5 years. The electrician and manager do not know why, only to say that this is not uncommon. Bob - Help us all!

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