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07:05PM | 10/17/02
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i am in the process of putting a new roof on my house. it's a flat roof and one contractor says hot mop, the other torch down. can anyone shed some light on which is the better direction to go.

Brian Wood

05:56AM | 10/23/02
Don't go with either one, Leon.

Please check out "liquid applied ceramic roof coatings" at (Michael Rubin 800 345 5306) they will direct you to a local applicator.

Both hot mop and asphalt (black) coatings attract and absorb heat from the sun.

White Ceramic coatings reflect radiant heat from the sun.

I have personally applied these coatings on many types of roofs, and am very impressed.

Other companies are: and (Jim Manco 800 423 7264)

You'll be glad you did this research.

Good luck, & best regards, Brian Wood.


05:17PM | 11/07/02
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I spent more than twenty years in all types of roofing installations. I believe in new technology so I appreciate the chance to learn about ceramics. I also need to catch up on elastomeric coatings which are anothe liquid applied onsite.

But to get to the original question, sorry to confuse you even more but there is a rubber type of membrane called EPDM that has taken over the majority of the flat roof market with good reason. It is my first choice to date. I recomend that ypou seek bids for it, too.

Torch down Modified roofing was developed to replace hot mop built up roofs in certain applications. Either material must be applied by a skilled team to give good service. But have numerous potential flaws but either can give you a fifteen year roof, if instsaled properly. They are comparable in my mind and the more important thing to consider is the references and reputation of the installer.


07:06PM | 07/24/07
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My grammar isn't the best but here goes. Type of flat roof for house. I sorry to say an EDPM roof is more a commercial roof and it has its weakness. It is easy to puncture. Hot mop are dangerous and messy. Torch down is extremely dangerous because you use a touch when heating the sheets of roof and a lot of building has been burned down if you don't what you doing. So the best answer to you question is a fairly new product on the market called Peel and Stick product. Just Pell and Stick it to your good decking. Contact any major roofing supply house and they should know what you are talking about. I know that ABC Supply Company (Nationwide) has a product maid by Mule hide. Good luck


06:58PM | 08/06/15
I think your all full of sh__. Hot mop is the only way to go I can build you a roof that will last 40yrs 20yrs 10yrs what ever money talks.. slope the water tapered iso board. 4 ply hot mop, 5 in drains and water ways. cool roof cap modify sbs on counter flashing curbs, or walls.

Thats it....


01:52PM | 11/16/17
Gee, that was so helpful. Now I know exactly what I should do!

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