12:37PM | 05/28/09
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does anyone know where to purchase a replacement to the defond switch cym 1213 used on a toro blower


12:52PM | 05/29/10
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Any luck finding a source for this switch, or a replacement?


01:53PM | 03/11/13

I asked for a particular part - Variable speed On/Off switch CYM-1213-A.
Here is the respond from TORO



Thank you for contacting The Toro Company.

Although our desire is to accommodate you, The Toro Company does not supply replacement parts for the electric motors used on our appliance products. Our decision not to offer these parts was determined on the basis of a number of factors.

First, the Toro Company is concerned about the safety of our customers and the electrical hazards that may result during the repair process. Second, the replacement of single parts (i.e. brushes, springs) tends to be short-termed due to existing wear on the armature shaft. Third, many times the cost of repair or replacement of a motor will be more than the cost of a new blower.

For customer's safety, the harness and internal electrical repairs must be "hi-pot" tested to make sure they are safe. This test is not something readily available to all customers therefore we do not sell internal electrical parts.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please know you have an open invitation to contact us at any time at 888-384-9939.


Customer Care Representative

Case Number 2433529


11:41PM | 05/14/13
30 years??! Try barely over a year for mine. Big disappointment since the blower worked so well before it quit.


11:27PM | 04/06/14
Exact same problem here. It's basically the only moving part, so it's most likely to wear out. It would make sense to provide an easy replacement for it. Seems like they would rather sell you a whole new unit than replace a $3 part....I'll buy the next one somewhere else, at any cost...


11:14AM | 12/09/15
Same predicament here, what a waste.


11:15PM | 11/27/16
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I simply removed the control switch by clipping (at the switch) the sole "hot" side of the power supply cord and the output wire that goes to the electric motor. I used a wire nut to fasten together those two dangling leads (electrically speaking, I removed the control switch from the circuit). Now the full 120 volts ac of the power supply are fed directly to the motor and the blower operates at full speed whenever the blower is plugged in. I would suppose that any generic infinity variable switch rated at 13 amps 120 volts AC (or 6.5 amps 240 volts AC) would work. As I never used the blower at a power setting less than full speed, the removal of the switch entirely only inconvenienced me by leaving me without an on/off switch. No problem because I can simply unplug the power cord to turn off the blower.


11:37PM | 11/27/16
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Search google for CPXTE Company (China) for this item:

CDA Rotary Switch for Blower
Mod 03 CDA

They want $3 for the switch. The 4th & 5th picture seem to be the closest match to the Toro switch in my unit. Each terminal on the replacement part might require some modification (just clip them off and use wire nuts).

Here is the link.

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