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01:41PM | 08/29/09
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Hello, I'd like to know what size wire I have to use coming from my breaker box to the meter. I have a 70' trailer in Vermont. Basically the electric company said put that in with the meter pedestal and they'll do the rest. I looked at the wire coming in the box, it says E 18679 (U/L) with AWG 10 ground 600 volts. The trailer was moved from up north and that is what was in it before it was cut. My neighbor is supposed to be doing most of it but I need to buy the wire. (He's currently away at his daughters wedding) What wire exactly would I buy. The pole is on my land and is about 15' from my house? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day.


08:45PM | 08/29/09
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The key information that we need is the amperage of the master breaker in the electrical box for this trailer. Please look in the box for that, and report it here.


03:47AM | 08/30/09
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The main breaker says 100 amps.



05:28PM | 08/30/09
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OK, then you need a minimum of #4 copper (or #2 aluminum). For this short a run, those will work fine.

But 100A is a pretty small service nowadays. If there's any chance you might someday upgrade that, or add on to the trailer, or replace the trailer with a bigger one, you might consider installing a larger service line now. It won't cost that much more to do that now, and will be cheaper than doing it later.

#1/0 copper will allow 150A service.

#2/0 copper will allow 200A service.


09:38PM | 12/30/15
Does it need to be a solid line or can it be spliced into? For example: I moved my tralier where one was setting previously. There is already wire ran up under the tralier but it's about 4 foot to short to reach the trailer where it is supposed be wired in. Do I need to replace all 50 feet of it? Or can I just add to it?


09:51AM | 02/08/16
and how deep a hole shall I dig for the wire


03:26PM | 05/19/18
Hey my name is David I have an 200 amp meter box out side an i want to put in an 100 amp box on the inside
Cause I don't need anything more all I have to have is 3or4breaker and I want to no what size wife would I need
To run it and the length of it is 80 feet


04:06PM | 08/19/19
I want to make sure I have 200 amp. service at some point. I have 217 feet from the pole to the meter then 20 ft from the meter to inside the building(breaker box).


11:03AM | 11/05/19
I built a house and need to know what wire to use to get from outside house breaker box to the breaker box on the meter pole. It's about 100 ft away


09:00AM | 02/16/20
I need replace the wiring where the meter box is connected and I need to know what size of wire is needed.


05:36PM | 03/24/20
I have a 200 amp series and from house to pole is about 100 feet what size wire.


11:33PM | 01/29/21
Can I run a 220 amp wire from the meter outside to a breaker box into my man cave witch is 20×60 and I'm running a 110 inside to my outlets


10:47PM | 04/09/21
They have a 200-amp on the pole and a 125 in the house what gauge wire should I use for that got to run to 70 feet and the ground


04:07PM | 05/10/21
Size wire from pole to meter for 200 amp panel


06:55PM | 08/18/21
I have a 100 amp service, in my trailer. Can i reduce it to 60?


06:56PM | 08/18/21
I have a 100 amp service, in my trailer. Can i reduce it to 60?


03:52PM | 08/28/21
I have 200 amp to the house also 200 amp, 70 ’away from each other! What’s the size of wire do I need?

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