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02:42AM | 10/31/00
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Recently bought a house...the former owners must have had a lot of pictures!! There are holes in the walls all over the place! The main areas, foyer, living room, and hall are all painted the same color...a light pinkish beige. I don't mind the color so much, just all the spots on the wall. We already painted two rooms in the house, our first major painting projects. These were small and we would like to get away with not painting the whole area I speak of (in addition to the three areas,there are cathedral ceilings). What is the best possible solution? Would it look absolutely horrible to patch these areas? Or do I just need to go to the flea market and get some pictures? Thanks.



06:32AM | 10/31/00
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My experience is that you would use a little joint compound to fill these holes. The stark white of the joint compound would show up against the color you described. I guess it is up to you. Do you plan on repainting it eventually? Do you want your walls filled with lots of pictures? Personally, if it were me, I would fix the holes and repaint. Then I would have the room to do whatever I wanted with it. I do understand how tiring painting can be, though. We had to seal and repaint our whole house when we purchased it. It was a tremendous amount of work. It was well worth it in the end, though. If you decide to fill them with joint compound, make sure you use only a very little. If you do it right, you won't need to worry about there being a flat spot on the wall vs. the texture already there. You should use a very small amount on a small putty knife. Put your joint compound on the hole, run your putty knife over it to flatten the surface and use a sponge to feather or texture it to blend in with the texture of the wall. Good luck!


01:53AM | 11/01/00
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Fill just the holes using a small knife blade or razor blade and fill the hole only. Don't smear it over the area or you'll need to sand, paint, etc. Then get a small amount of the paint that's on your walls (maybe some was left by the previous owner?) or find a good match. After the joint compound dries, use a tiny artist paint brush to touch up the white spots.
OR - You can get colored spackle, hopefully in a color that nearly matches your paint. Again, just fill the hole only.

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07:33AM | 11/01/00
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Great idea rpxlpx!!! I will remember that one for any quick holes I want to fill!!!! Thanks!


04:25AM | 11/16/00
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rpxlpx's suggestion is good. Keep in mind that paint fades over time, so even using the same color paint will show up if you do not use the tiny artist brush like rpxlpx suggested. Also, remember that you can wipe off any excess spackle/joint compound with a wet sponge before it dries to minimize the excess beyond the hole. Doing so will minimize the area you need to repaint to just the tiny nail-hole.

However, chances are that painting will be worth it, anyway. Paint tends to only look good for 5-10 years, so the chances are that it is time to paint, anyway, and all the spackling only gives you a better excuse/reason to paint. But that is entirely up to you, which you can decide after you try spackling.

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