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03:48PM | 02/16/03
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I am presently renovating a small 3 bedroom bungalo in Gainesville, Georgia. It has wood siding, which overall is in good question. My question is this: Would it be better for me to use Hardy Plank or Vinyl Siding on this property? I am somewhat concerned that Hardy Plank may be too heavy to nail right on top of the wood siding. If possible, I would like to avoid having to tear off the old siding. Thanks!


04:44PM | 02/16/03
What is the condition of the wood siding?? If is in good solid condition then you could put new siding over it, but I wouldn't!! If you put new over old you will have issues at ALL door and window openings, you will be adding between ½" to 3/4" thickness that will need to be finished off in some fashion. If you remove existing siding before starting then you have a smooth to wook off of and things should look good at the window and door openings.


05:32PM | 02/16/03
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Thanks for the reply. The condition of the existing siding is good except for some rotten planks in the back of the house. I was concerned that Hardy Plank would be too heavy to apply on top of the old siding. Would Vinyl Work ok in this situation? The house has no exterior insulation, so I was going to add foam board and then vinyl on top of it.


06:40PM | 02/16/03
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Vinyl siding will work. So will HardiPlank as long as you can locate the studs and fasten directly into them.

You should note that Hardie does need to be painted and that Hardie will not warrant its siding for paint, even if they apply it in their own factory.

I agree with the previous poster concerning the trim issues involved with applying any siding over your existing clapboard.

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10:20AM | 02/17/03
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I would go with hardi plank as from what I have seen vinyl siding is not going hold up all that well. I have seen it fading and chalking after only a few years and it not totally maintenace free as some people are lead to believe.


05:58PM | 02/21/03
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vinyl is pretty much the way to go. I've been around the building industry for as long as I can remember and I can never recall chalking vinyl siding. Fading can occur but that is usually in an inferior brand. If you are getting vinyl go for certainteed main street or wolverine. they are great brands. oh yeah and do not put your grill near vinyl siding.


06:16PM | 02/22/03
Vinyl is the way to go. As a previous comment stated, vinyl will fade, but EVERYTHING will fade when it is left outside for extended periods of time. Most quality Vinyl products have fade warrantees, and will not fade drastically, and should fade evenly over many years, so you will never notice. Today’s better vinyls are superior fiber cement in every way.
The best product I have found on the market is Charter Oak from Alside, however you will need to have a pro install it as it is not avail. to home owners.

Bill Scheick

05:37PM | 06/12/03
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Where do I get more information about Hardy Plank? and where to buy it? Thanks


03:50AM | 06/13/03
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We are also in Georiga and thinking of residing our home. Our house is 8 years old and has some rotting areas on the siding. I am unsure of the type of siding, but think it is masonite. We are also unsure of which way to go. If vinyl, what brands are best, and how to find a good contractor. We are in the Columbus area. Any suggestions on what to look for in hiring a contractor to do the work? How does vinyl and hardiplank compare in price?


03:47PM | 06/13/03
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For Bill: Here is Hardi Plank site:

Can purchase at most home hardware stores.


03:57AM | 06/14/03
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Another disadvantage to vinyl siding is that after several years you have some siding get damaged and they don't make that style or color anymore. We all know that manufactures discontinue stlyes and colors all the time and then you will have one side of your with a different siding than the rest because that is the insurance company will pay for.

Go with HARDI PLANK and at least you can change the color of your house and have a new fresh look.


03:06AM | 10/18/14
I agree with Rhagfo that placing new siding on top of old siding would be a bad thing. Moreover, I would use Handiplank over Vinyl siding in this situation. Of course, that's just my personal preference, as everyone has their own preferences.

Germaine K. | Advanced Home Exteriors

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