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05:11PM | 12/11/01
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I just started using my heat-gun on an indoor project. I am trying to strip a vertical, narrow piece of wood.

I do not know how to use the heat-gun in the area near the floor without damaging my hardwood floors. Is there an asbestos or flame retardant product that you can lay on the floor or a surface so that the heat-gun won't cause any damage?

At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I thought I'd use a stack of newspaper to prevent the heat from affecting the floor....Kids, don't try this at home....NOT a good idea. It caught on fire from the heat gun. You'll be happy to know, nothing was damaged other than my pride...


07:18PM | 12/11/01
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As you have found out the hard way, Heat guns throw out a lot of heat. You must use extreme caution when using them to strip paint as you can heat the wood to the point of ignition.

Two things, use a large drywall taping knife to deflect the heat or try a welding supply store for some heat difusing material.


09:17AM | 12/13/01
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Thanks for your response. What is the best way to strip interior paint? Do most people use heat guns? I just hate using all those chemicals inside my house. I don't want to expose myself or my pets to the fumes. Since my home is older, I do worry about igniting anything inside the interior walls. I do know there is no insulation in my house however.

Any suggestions? Thanks for you help.


02:08PM | 12/13/01
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Dear Kimber,
I've had great success with a citrus stripper available at home depot. There are no fumes it smells great and works in 2 applications. Remember to also purchase the stripper "wash" when you buy it. It makes cleanup so much easier. The other option is to remove the molding, number each piece and send it to a local wood stripper found in your Yellow Pages.
Good Luck, Len


02:06PM | 12/16/01
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I woould suggest you use the PEEL AWAY 7 product for your project. It will do the removal in one application and will keep the natural color of the wood. A heat gun is a,little dangerous as you have founfd out. Visit the web site at for more info

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