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03:59AM | 08/29/02
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We will be painting our bathroom and I noticed there are a lot of different brands.
As a kid, I remember the folks used Dutch Boy and Luctite. What's the scoop on the various brands. Which do you prefer and why?
I like the semi gloss finish.

Thanks in advance.


12:59PM | 08/30/02
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I wouldn't get too hung up on brand. Just use a good quality paint. Kelly Moore, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, etc, all have good quality paints, good color selection. That's all they do is make and sell paint. Where the pros go. Stay away from designer stuff like Ralph Lauren.


05:01AM | 08/31/02
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i've sampled many different paints and Ben Moore gets a big thumbs up here. I prefer the eggshell finish, not dull not shiney. Recently I was doing a small project and opted for Dutch Boy to avoid a 1 hour drive for Ben Moore.....I wish I'd made the hour drive .


02:14AM | 09/02/02
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There are some paints that are made for bathroom use in that they have a mildewcide built in from the factory and I would go with one of thoes. There are several brands such as Duron Signature Select, Zinsser Perma White which would do just fine.


04:40PM | 09/07/02
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I LOVE Behr paints! My son had a bright vibrant blue in his room and one coat of Behr in a light tan...and it covered and looked really nice! I have also used it to cover a wall that had a deep orange color. Same thing, one coat was all it took. It washes up really well...very important for his room. =) I've been using it for about five years now and have always been happy with the brand.


09:39AM | 09/09/02
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Consumer Report Magazine rated Valpar's American Tradition brand to be a best buy. If you do not subscribe to this magazine, go to your local library & photocopy the article.

Hope this helps.


09:48PM | 09/13/02
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Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are the two most widely-acclaimed brands. I have never heard anything bad about them and had good luck with both. I have also had good luck with Ralph Lauren, although others do not like it.

I have heard very bad things and had mediocre experience with Behr (just Home Depot's generic brand), Glidden, almost anything with "American" in the name (cheap attempt to cover up bad quality with patriotic pride), and especially Dutch Boy (cheap, cheap stuff; sorry, Dad).

Keep in mind that people who swear by one brand of premium paint over another do so based more on what they use first, not an accurate statistical sampling. However, you really cannot go wrong with any of the premium brands, especially Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Visit both stores and choose which you like: you can't go wrong.

Mildew-proof paint is a good idea for bathrooms. Keep in mind, though, that it loses the mildew-proof benefits if you paint over it. I have used the Zissner Perma White, and loved it, although I do not know how well it will accept color: I used it white.

I also have had good luck with Ralph Lauren paints despite the bad rep it gets from some (including one of the replies in this thread): good coverage, long lasting, nice colors. Many people have trouble with their faux-finish line of paints and thus defame the entire line, which is not fair. The main thing I like about Ralph Lauren is that RLauren pays attention to a more sophisticated array of colors than the more mundane colors of Glidden, Behr and so on.

Also, semi-gloss is better in bathrooms because the surface has fewer microscopic grooves for dirt and mold to develop: that is why it is glossy and refelects more light. It will also last longer.

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