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11:46AM | 12/22/02
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Is there a sealer on the market for drywall mud that hardens and seals?
For example: If I used colored drywall mud to create textures on my walls and didn't want to paint it, but just "Seal" the mud so that it is not chalky and vulnerable.
Does anyone know of such a product that dries CLEAR? Thanks

willies all thumbs

12:57PM | 12/22/02
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Might be a case for clear polyurathane.
I beleve it can be had in a satin finish if you dont want shiny walls. Experiment on scrap material, dont just take my word for it as I'v never seen this done. Just my thought.


12:43AM | 12/23/02
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The only concern I have with a poly is the risk of it yellowing after time. Maybe this wouldn't happen, but I am not sure. I guess I'll have to do some testing. Thanks



01:59PM | 12/23/02
Hi! All polyurethanes will yellow over time, because its major component, urethane, is the color of maple syrup at its natural state. Also, paints don't adhere well to polyurethane, so if you decide to paint your walls down the road, you will need to sand them, then wipe thoroughly the surface and use a primer like Zinsser's. To me, it would make more sense to either leave the walls as they are, or use regular high-quality sealer and paint the walls with the color of your choice. But, that's just the opinion someone (me!) who likes to re-paint his walls every three years or less, so I always look for a finish that will be easy to paint over ... Hope this helps you! Goodbye!

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03:41PM | 12/25/02
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actually if you use a water-based poly it won't yellow in time...but i'm not sure how well it will work in your case...because the drywall compound will really soak through anything you cover it with...why not prime and paint???


07:34AM | 12/27/02
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I have used Coronado brand "Clear Dry" for just such a purpose. Learned to use it from a faux painting instructor who swears by it to seal mud finishes. I bought it at a high end paint specialty store. Have not seen it in the local big box store but it may well be widely available.


07:36AM | 12/27/02
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Now that I think about it, it may actually be called Coronado "Clear Dull" but the paint store man would know. When you put it on it is shiney when wet but dries dull. In fact, you can't see it at all.


11:46AM | 03/21/20
Has anyone found what works?


02:26PM | 11/30/20
Yes anyone?


03:04AM | 03/12/21
Perhaps Kilz Clear would be an option for this application :)


08:28PM | 03/25/21
Hi Wulfred, looking for the same product for the same application. Did you have any luck sealing your mud? Thank you.


10:16PM | 11/08/21
Two products to try:

Zinsser Gardz - Inexpensive. Used as a drywall and joint compound sealer. It penetrates porous materials like drywall mud and plaster, dries clear and leaves a paintable surface. Looks pretty decent just to leave it unpainted. But try it first.

Lastiseal by Radonseal - More expensive. Another penetrating sealer that dries clear and stabilizes the substrate. Perfect for preserving a chalky plaster without diminishing the aesthetic appeal. Again, try it first. You can get an 8oz. sample for not too much money.


06:25PM | 01/09/22
I’m looking for the same type of clear sealer for a large highly textured canvas using drywall mud/joint compound as the texture medium. The chalky surface is so fragile and needs to be sealed before I can continue working on the art piece. Help?!!!!


05:34AM | 01/10/22
Looking for the same for my mud wall art.. Anyone have the answer for us yet?


09:12PM | 03/09/22
Kilz Clear yellows as it dries.

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