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04:51PM | 09/01/03
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We just moved into our first home a few weeks ago and I have a question about painting metal cabinets.
We purchased a Levitt home and the original metal kitchen cabinets are great (lots of storage, great stainless stell counter tops), but they are dark brown and I would like to lighten up the room by painting the cabinets.

Where do I even begin to work on these metal cabinets?



03:25AM | 09/02/03
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There are some great articles and replies to you're question on this web site. Just type in the search space on this site, " Painting metal kitchen cabinets" , and you will find the answers.


04:36PM | 09/02/03
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Have someone from the autobody business come and look at them - that would be the best way to redo them

Original metal cabinets can be worth a fortune!

You wouldn't think of painting a classic car with house paint and a brush would you?

Mr. Paint


07:06PM | 09/02/03
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Why go thru all the hassle. Sand the cabinets down ( 150/220 ) grit, (after cleaning them with TSP.) Prime them with a rust inhibiting primer, and apply an enamel topcoat. Spraying is good ( like an auto spray can color from an auto store )$$$$$ for xxx number of cans,,,, but you can use a good enamel paint and brush them also. A topcoat of water based poly 2-3 coats (oil poly will yellow in time) will give them a professional look. Satin or semi-gloss, whatever you prefer.


11:58AM | 09/03/03
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Workenstiff - I hate to disagree with you - but you are wrong.

A hack job with a couple of spray cans and some waterbased poly will look like crap!

If you love your metal cabinets - spend the $$ have them done right.

Mr. Paint


01:42PM | 09/03/03
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Hi, Mr. Paint,,,Everyone has their opinion ,,no sweat. But , I painted metal cabinets by hand and poly over them 10 years ago in a cabin I bought in Mich. They were that awful 70s green color. Painted them a light oak color to match the wood inside the cabin. They look great and never had any problems with them to date.
Secondly, I guess the way I figure this group is , if someone comes here looking for advice, they want to more or less save some $$$ and do it themselves.(I know , not everyone ) Why come here, if you want a pro to come in and do it, or hire someone for advice? If that's the case, call a reliable paint contractor from the get go. Just my thoughts when I post.


04:00PM | 09/03/03
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I was wondering about the water borne urethane adhering to the spray paint.

You could also call a company that does bathtub glazing as they may have a coating that would work on the metal cabinets.

I am with Mr. Paint on this one as I have seen metal cabinets painted with a brush and it does not look good at all. If you do the cabinets the right way now they will look good for many years come , just like the original finish has.


09:38PM | 10/12/13
How do I match the original paint color. I love these blue green cabinets and the oven still works


01:00PM | 11/28/15
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What kind of paint can I use to paint metal kitchen cabinets. I do not want to use a spray!


02:53AM | 12/22/19
I have those 1950 metal cabinets and it is easy—use Rustoleum! Works great and looks great—comes in different colors.

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