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04:23AM | 04/27/04
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I am building a new house and want my ceilings to be white. My painting contractor said that I can just put the primer on the ceilings and do not have to apply paint over it. Does anybody know if this is true?


02:38AM | 04/28/04
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Yes you need to put finish paint over over the primer as primer is not designed to be left with nothing over it. It sounds like your painter is trying to cut corners on this step and you had better keep an eye on other things also.

I know some will say it is just a ceiling so what does it matter but new drywall needs at least 2 coats of paint to look good over the long haul. Over time you will see a difference and you will be painting the ceilings yourself sooner then you should have to and by then the painter will be gone and his/her responsibilty will be over with as well.


06:56PM | 04/28/04
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Primer only will yellow like old newspapers faster than regular paint and since it does not seal as well against moisture, it will stain from any condensation or leaks, etc.

his advice might be OK for a closet or storage room, or garage, but not for living space.

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04:44PM | 04/29/04
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I have mixed feelings about both ways,it can be left if he used a highbuild ceiling only primer such as hirshfields northern naturals.

To me it really doesn't matter I will do it the way the homeowner wants and will explain to them,either is fine,but yeah I will take the easy money if they want it done.

I do this resort and each year he always has us come back and do different things,we primed all his ceilings (saved him $8,000.00)from not painting well after 7 years it still looks good.We just went back and sprayed out 3 new cabins so I walk thru the past ones and see how things hold up.

Anyhow im rambling on,if you paid for it to be painted then get it done,if it is extra,decision is yours.


03:37AM | 05/01/04
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Don't let the painter take the EASY MONEY and get away with just putting primer on your ceilings.

Remember primer is for priming and not for finishing. If that was the case paint companies could save alot of money in inventory and not stock so many different products.


03:35PM | 05/01/04
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Thats what im saying #5 painting a ceiling is so easy i'd be glad to paint any new cap,it's the easiest their is to paint.Use a highbuild no backrolling,thats why I always let the homeowner decide and tell them and show them some of our dvd's we make of past jobs with and without the topcoat,and whe n the ones decide they want it...well its like printing my own money,because its so darned easy:)

Lets say most 3 bd room homes have a 14x18 master,12x14 the other bd rms,kitchen,dining room,closets,2 bath,living area =about 1200-1400 sq feet,times .55 cents a sq ft for topcoat $720.00 for $190 in material and 3 hours of my time:) Oh yeah can't forget Unc Sam gets his cut too.

But you got to figure its so quick because its new construction and everything is already all taped off.Its your home you paid to get it painted so get it painted.


03:51PM | 05/03/04
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The way I look at it you are not getting rich off of doing that work on those ceilings. You forgot insurance, wear and tear on your equipment and profit for your company.


08:35PM | 05/03/04
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# 5 im a painter I dont expect to get rich,LOL.

Also insurance coverage for $1.5 mil up here is only $287.00 a year.

I would rather do a complete new construction most of the time all the prep work is already done from the rockers not getting mud on windows and doors ceiling in 3 hours clearing $400-$500 than doing anything else,now this is all by myself and no workers with.

The wear and tear on my equipment is minimal a rebuild on 1 of the sprayers is a $27.00 graco rebuild kit and I do it myself,truck gets wrote off for mileage no expense for me and all of that $400-500 is profit because I took the $200.00 out of the $720.00 already so I just made $150.00 an hour for 1 really fast cap.

So the way I look at it is 150x11 hours that I work minus .5 for lunch is $1575.00 a day cleared.


05:07PM | 06/24/14
I primed my ceiling twice, didn't want to paint, a few months have gone by, I finally decided to paint & it had already started to darken or yellow. It wasn't noticeable until I used ultra light ceiling paint. I vote painting after priming.


02:49PM | 01/10/18
Im a painter and we typically paint over anything that's primed. However consider this, most homes that are built don't even have finish paint on them they may have some type of primer or some type of paint mixed into the mud but most ceilings aren't finished.
I'd also like to say it if you tend to believe that the ceiling should be painted after being primed give some supporting facts instead of just simply stating that perhaps the painters trying to cut some Corners. He may actually have the customer's best interest in mind and simply trying to save them some money from what he considers through experience and unnecessary step.


09:41AM | 03/02/21
Must paint after primer is coated


10:41AM | 03/02/21
We built our house 25+ years ago and didn't realize our closets were only primed. Just repainted the master bedroom for the second time. We hadn't repainted the closet since it looked alright and we didn't want to take down the closet fixtures. Come to find out that there were stains in a little cubby area of the closet (no lights directly in that portion). Looked like bits of mildew and/or mold - not much but any amount is too much. Seems that mildew and mold are more likely on the primer - probably the standard spray-on primer done in new construction - not brush painted. We got in there and removed all signs of mold/mildew, primed twice with a mildew-inhibiting primer, then painted.

Next projects - clean, prime and paint the rest of the closets!!


07:53PM | 06/09/21
Wow Talk about Lazy and not knowing his trade


01:26PM | 07/25/21
I am priming an acoustic ceiling and the stains are bleeding through the primer what should I do

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