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11:32PM | 06/06/04
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We are moving into an existing house that has some ugly panelled walls. How can I skim plaster over these panels? What type of plaster do I need, how do I prepare the panels, and what tools do I need to use in plastering? Thanks for your help. Ron Williams

Ron Williams


05:47AM | 06/07/04
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I can share one approach that *won't* work. Years ago, my wife and I tried to paint over a paneled wall. We filled in all the vertical grooves with spackle, and then we put on two or three layers of paint. As I recall, we were too ignorant to even use primer. The result was that we could always see a shadow of those vertical lines from the paneling. Oh well. Live and learn I guess.

Jonathan Gennick
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03:10PM | 06/13/04
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To answer your questions, I would need a bit more info. For example (1) is the paneling really wood paneling ---there is still some paper faced (fake wood paper vaneer) that would be hell to attempt to skim. However, you did say there were grooves in the paneling, so, there is a 95% chance that paneling is wood. (2) What is paneling covering?--- if it's covering lath & plaster, I would be temped to pull off one panel to see what's behind---it might be easier to work with what is under paneling. ---- If paneling has been applied directly to the 2X4 wall framing (which I very much doubt), I would pull off paneling and drywall. (3) how large is the area that we are talking about? If it's just one 12 X 12 room---and the paneling is securly anchord to whatever is under it; then, I would try your method. If you skim coat, you very well might find that there will be some rust colored stains bleeding through the skim coat after it dries--- you'll need to cover those stains with something like "Kilz" (sp?) ask for "kilz" at hardware store --they'll have paint-on or spray-on types--- if there are not hundreds of stains I would use the spray-on---just to hit the stains. (you'll need to cover stuff---the spray can leave a white dust-like cover.

If it were me, and the paneling was well applied to underwall,--- I would paint over the paneling and the heck with the grooves. After you put up your valuable artwork the walls will fade into the background. Try it, you can always skim coat (that is, if you enjoy work, mess, time, and pain). Good luck. Jaes.


03:14PM | 06/23/04
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To Jaes54321

I also want to plaster over paneling. The paneling is nailed directly to studs and has been there for years. I have painted the paneling twice and can't stand it any longer. The paneling does have grooves in it and also has a lot of texture. How would I prepare that wall (the painted surface) to get ready to plaster? Also, would I do several thin plaster coats to fill in all the texturing? Am I being stupid to try this?



04:51AM | 08/12/04
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I also have ugly old panelling. I noticed ********** sells a thick, wallpaper for this kind of problem. There were several different patterns available. I think I'll try it, although it seems a bit strange to paper then paint.

Monica C Ballard


05:05AM | 08/14/04
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Yes there are wallcovering products called walliner that will bridge over the grooves in paneling and you either paint it or put regular wallpaper over it. This may be the way to go with this paneling. Be sure to check with the PAINT STORE that you get the liner from as to how to prepare the paneling before you use the liner.

Hope this helps out.


07:13AM | 02/08/05
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how to plaster over paneling


12:20PM | 12/04/14
OMGosh.... No one answered your questions. Let me try. I am a DIYer and have plastered over wood paneling. My paneling was sealed with poly!!! I used a hand sander (be sure and use a mask and cover all furniture that you don't want dusted with the sawdust, and in my case polymer) sanded the walls just to smooth out rough spots. Wipe surface with tact cloth and I used premixed plaster of paris from a local box store. I applied a thin coat to make sure of adhesion then after dry went back over it with a thicker texture coat. There is also a roman plaster (color of your choice) that the store can mix for you but a lot more expensive. Once dry I painted the walls. Worked great and looked like this.
Textured wall


08:34AM | 05/18/16
Would you tape and plaster over the seams (not groves) between the sheets of paneling or just plaster. I'm working on skim coating now and have not decided if I will plaster of caulk the seams.


06:55PM | 10/02/18
I’m surprised no one recommend a fiberglass mesh backer to plaster over; this addresses three issues, the undesirable grooves in paneling, inconsistent surface and it’ll add reinforcement so that the plaster won’t have a tendency to crack with the thin panel. You would need to prepare the surface for the mesh to adhere properly, ie 2 coats of poorly applied latex paint that’s peeling is not advisable. Resolve paint adhesion issues before you plaster over underlying ones.


12:07PM | 10/30/18
We have a drywall guy that puts a few skim coats over our old paneling and then puts a slight textured coat on them, and it looks great!
It is much less costly than removing the old paneling and replacing with dry wall.


09:51AM | 12/19/19
Prime first then paint u will be fine , I did that and it’s been 20 yrs now and no problem

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