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06:46AM | 08/04/04
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I had painted a room with Behr brand (**********) eggshell paint and it was a dark maroon color that took 4 coats to even out the color. I hadn't primed the walls since there was wallpaper before and underneath the wallpaper was just primer so I thought it should be sufficient. Anyway, the walls now feel sticky even a year and a half later. Any pictures on the wall will stick to the paint and when you try to take them down it's like the paint wants to peel off the wall with it. Very strange. Any ideas on why this is happening? I tried to make sure each coat was dry for at least a few days before applying the next coat, but it still feels sticky to this day. I want to change it since I'm not happy with the way it came out but I don't know that it woud be safe to just prime over it and start fresh. I'd think the next layers would be affected. I've though of just re-drywalling the room but if there's a better solution that would be great...can the paint be stripped off? Any ideas would be great as this is just turning out to be a nightmare. Thanks!


11:48AM | 08/05/04
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thanks for posting this question, a couple of years ago I painted a friends bathroom a dark navy blue then applied flourescent stars, mapping one of the constellations. The stars got lots of owws and ahhhs, but the dark blue paint never seemed to dry.


02:32AM | 08/09/04
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It sounds as if there was to much colorant in the paint and it has just stayed soft. I would prime the walls with an oil based primer before painting and that should take care of the problem.


11:27AM | 09/29/04
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Anytime you are painting over wallpaper you must do one of two things

1. Remove the wallpaper


2. Prime with an oil-based primer because water based paint or primer will reactivate the wallpaper glue and then causes a sticky situation. The oil-based primer can be follower by water based(latex paint).

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