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02:21AM | 09/04/04
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My decorator recommended a wallpaper hanger to me. He has begun to hang the wallpaper in the bathroom and I can see the seams where the wallpaper meets. I have never had wallpaper in my home before. Are you supposed to be able to see the seams?


05:40AM | 09/04/04
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no they are not suppose to show! the edges should all be butted together. if done properly you should not be able to see the seams.


11:57PM | 10/19/06
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If you are seeing wallpaper seams after a profesional installation, they did one of four things that immediately comes to mind:

1. The did not butt the seams correctly; they should be tight. I'd be surprised if you have a contiguous match in the wallpaper if they didn't butt seams closely together.

2. They didn't use a seam roller or a corner roller (they do the same thing). Most pros don't like them because they don't how to use them correctly. Plus, it takes time ... well-invested time. But, when done correctly seams are almost always invisible from top to bottom.

3. They may have used a seem roller and pressed out too much glue which often can leave a gap when the excess glue is wiped away from the seam. It's almost impossible to "push and stretch" the seams back together once this has happened. And, I suspect that's the gap you're seeing now.

4. The wallpaper job was done too quickly and without the use of wall sizing. Sizing is one of the most important steps in hanging wallpaper and some "professionals" don't like using it because it costs them time and money.

One future wallpaper tip: Insist on tinted wall sizing. You will want the tint of the wall sizing to match your wallpaper as closely as possible. If you live in a seasonal area (hot to cold weather), seams can "split" in and show up even with the best jobs. But, applying a tinted wall sizing first cures two dilemmas ... it helps keeps seams in line and butted together correctly AND it helps to make those seasonal seams that may show up almost invisible.

Hope this helps!


04:48AM | 08/05/20
Check the information on the back of the label attached to your wallpaper roll, this will will give you information on what type of paste to use, soaking time also some manufacturers will have a paragraph saying something on the lines of (use a crayon to colour joints blah blah blah)
Basically what the wallpaper manufacture is saying is they've produced a crap product (why don't they provide the crayons with the paper) why should you have to colour in edges


07:31AM | 10/20/21
My wallpaper on the roll is white, but after hanging it, it looks gray, why?


05:43PM | 03/08/22
Sometimes the wallpaper is properly installed but the seems will show white because the wallpaper is a dark color and the backing and edges are white. This is not because of anything the installer did wrong.
The only way to try and remedy this is to try and color them in with a water based tint.


03:56AM | 05/27/22
With the vast variations of products on the market, I absolutely do not agree with this assessment of seams showing. Not all wallpaper is manufactured the same. Some products will shrink and expand more than others. There are also other factors such as steady room temperature and acclimating the product prior to installation.

Wall sizing is not always necessary - it also doesn’t cost a “professional” time and money - “professionals” charge for the service.

Professionals have to use their experiences to determine procedures. Hire one you trust to serve the project professionally.

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