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04:33AM | 08/20/03
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I am building a new house, the contractor intends to use staples on the shingles. Maybe I am from the old school but I would prefer good old fashioned nails.

Are the staples as good?


07:16AM | 08/20/03
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We've done some tests to see things for ourselves. The test consisted of placing the fastener into 1/2 inch thick pine and then trying to pull it out while measuring the amount of pull required. Some of our results were as follows: 5/8" staples (which penetrate only 1/4") can pull out with as little as 1 lb. of pull. 3/4" staples pull out with 5-10 lbs. of force per staple. 1 1/2" galvanized roofing nails require 30-50 lbs. of force to pull out. Spirals and ring-shank nails require more than 100 lbs. of force. Consequently, we use ring-shank roofing nails in our installations.

My general attitude is that someone using staples for attaching roofing is telling you his bottom line is much more important than the quality of workmanship he delivers to you. If anyone in this forum disagrees with this, let's hear your reasons.


10:23AM | 08/21/03
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Au contraire, PGRIZ, but staples DO have an advantage over nails! When the first strong wind blows half of the shingles off, it makes life SOOO much easier for the next person; they don't have to use a shingle rake to remove the remaining ones. In order to finish off the removal, they just need to set a fan on the roof and watch the rest of them blow away but, hopefully not into the neighbors yard!!

Seriously, I'm in agreement. With pneumatic coil nailers, etc. I cannot understand why ANYONE would even consider stapling. While I'm not a roofing contractor, the idea seems totally ludicrous to me!


05:59AM | 09/11/03
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That was good Scuba_dew you had me going. I was thinking this guy is actually going to defend staples.

I thought everyone quit using staples after they figured out they didn't hold during the high winds. Oh well. I wouldn't use that guy even if he said he would change to nails. That might be a prelude of things to come.


04:56PM | 07/06/15
I have been using staples ever since I built my home (Geodesic dome) in 1980, my garage (dome) in 1982, boat house (1984)and second garage (conventional) 1995. I have never had a shingle blow off.

Having a ring shank nail which requires 100# to pull only means that you will have to work really hard on a re-roof getting them out; there is no way a shingle will withstand a 100# pull, it will just rip around the nail head so your shingles will all be gone but all of your nails will remain!


04:49PM | 04/06/16
I moved in my house in'93. Roofing is stapled. I am 5 miles in from the coast of Wilmington, NC. My stapled roof has survived all those hurricanes since then, as well as the rest of the homes in my community. I'm researching for my roof replacement work. Nails vs staples. Does it have more to do with the workmanship? Thanks.


10:28AM | 05/29/18
They bond together when they heat up so that is a reason to not care for one or the other IV been roofing since the 80s and still doing it I used mustang and passload staple guns now have to use nail guns but never had blow offs with the staple or nail I live in Oklahoma where tornados are very common if the shingles seal good then you don't have to worry about them

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