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07:27AM | 09/05/05
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I just bought a house and that dining room wall is painted and has a weird sandy texture to it. I want to repaint the wall but I am concerned that if I paint over this sand paint that it will show through on the new paint.

Do I have to do anything special to the wall before I paint it to remove or cover up this sand textured paint?



05:07PM | 09/05/05
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Yes the texture will show through another coat of paint. I don't think removing the texture is practical. You will need to skim out the entire area with wallboard compound in order to get the wall back to a smooth finish. If all this seesm like alot of work you can use a flat finish on the wall and that will accent the texture less than a satin/eggshel finish will.


06:58AM | 09/06/05
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Just a follow-up...

We spoke to a woman at Lowe's Paint area that suggested we paint over the wall with two coats of a primer. She said that would smooth out the texture and allow us to paint over the wall.


07:33AM | 09/06/05
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With all due respect to the lady at Lowes, the earlier advice to skim coat by 5slb6 was correct. The primer is usually a thick paint. It builds up the voids between the texture, and the texture itself. It will not eliminate texture, just rounds it off. Skim coating is fairly easy to do. You could also do a spatter texture (orange peel or knockdown) which would cover and conceal the sand texture. Consider it.


11:07AM | 11/26/13
what does 5slb6 mean?


11:11AM | 12/22/15
The question was how to PAINT over it. I have the same problem and I am not going to become a drywaller to fix it. I am going to PAINT over it. I'm hoping someone will answer the question asked.


11:55PM | 01/14/16
Skim Coat is the answer to the question.



11:09PM | 03/09/16
Let me go in another direction. I have a sand textured painted wall and like it. It needs a fresh coat of paint, but the "sand paint kit" that I originally used was not latex. How do I paint over it and not present a latex cover-up? What type of paint is used in a sand paint kit?


07:04PM | 04/09/16
I was advised to water down joint compound to paint consistency and roll it on then prime and paint.


12:16PM | 06/01/16
We want to remove the sand texture and repaint our LR. One area has been peeling for years. Can't we use a belt-sander to remove the grit? Thank you.


09:57PM | 10/23/18
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If anyone is still interested it's easy to remove sand paint. I have done it many times. It takes a little work. If the wall or ceiling you are working on was originally painted with latex sand paint all you have to do is wet the wall or ceiling using a spray bottle this will loosen / soften the old sand paint than use a metal scraper. You will find that the old sand paint will peal off like thick mud. It worked for me. Let the water soak a bit. You'll have to do a small section at a time but it can be done. After it's all off you can smooth out the wall or ceiling where necessary with joint compound.


11:55AM | 01/08/19
I currently have the same issue in a bathroom I am refinishing. I installed a new fan light and a 48" shower. The rock above the shower and around the fan was replaced with blue board and taped in. I taped all joints and filled nail and screw holes. I added a fair amount of joint compound to some primer and used this to paint the ceiling. It took 2 coats to cover everything. This evened out the ceiling. I felt comfortable enough to spray texture the ceiling. The roller left a texture but the corners had to be brushed in to match. Many people may leave it be at this point. I only textured my ceiling to match the ceiling in the rest of the house.
Skimcoating the ceiling or adding mud to some paint are both options in my opinion if you are dealing with small grained sand. If the sand is large and it cant be scraped off easily I would be more likely to skimcoat or add 1/4" rock and retake. Worse case scenario would be to remove and replace the sheetrock.
Use common sense and chose the option mb that works best for you and your abilities.


07:41AM | 10/14/19
Can you not used ceiling textured paint to cover the sand painted walls


09:16AM | 05/26/20
Just wondering what you did? I’m in the same boat


09:19AM | 05/26/20
Just wondering what you did, um in the same boat.


03:40PM | 06/01/20
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walls have sand textured paint

patched lots of holes but now cannot figure out how to touch over those areas without the new sand paint leaving obvious areas patch marks


07:41PM | 06/29/20
I’m trying to decide whether or not to skim coat the walls in my house. They were patched and painted several times by the previous owners. It looks like it will be time consuming, but easy enough.


09:51AM | 09/14/20
I am wanting to repaint a wall that is sand textured. I did not do the wall so don’t know what type of paint is on there. I just want to refresh the paint to a different color. What kind of paint should I use?


09:30AM | 09/19/20
I have sand painted ceilings in a swirl pattern, I have also had new sheet rock put up in sections where there was a water leak. I have scrapped off the sand and are left with the swirl pattern in the paint. What is the best way to even out the whole ceiling, I don't mind a slight texture to incorporate the old and the new

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