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07:42PM | 09/20/07
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Could someone recommend a good exterior paint brand? Which one, in your opinion, is the absolute best? Someone recommended Duron. I just don't know anything about it.

Many thanks in advance!


06:52PM | 09/21/07
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There's many good brands, as long as you stay in the upper lines.

* GOOD PREP & PRIMING is more important than actual brand though.

* Bad (or NO!) prep. will soon render the best paint useless LONG b4 its normal life.

* This means scraping, sanding, priming....

* C2 is a newer brand that has a TOP-notch exterior. Harder to find though...only ~ 50 U.S. retailers. Averages in the $40's/gal. Their Exterior Eggshell looks very nice.

* Using only 1 coat of Paint on a primer is an "old-wives-tale"!!! 2 coats on a primecoat wears MUCH better.

* SW & BM have exteriors' in the same price-range.

* In the $20's/gal., ACE ROYAL is a very good paint. We go through a LOT of it.

* Average sf/gal is 400 for paints & primers.

* Don't use Oil. The new Latexes are better. Oils just become stiffer, and yellow much faster.



04:15PM | 09/22/07
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The previous post is correct on preperation being very important in an exterior paint job lasting longer.

The Duron brand will do very good by you but is sold only on the east coast, and you need to use either the Weathershield or Signature exterior line. The Sherwin Williams products are very good as well and you will want to use either Super Paint or Duration and they can be found all over the country. I would stay away from Ace paint as you want to buy your paint from a store that sells just paint for the best advice.


05:18PM | 09/22/07
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Many thanks to both of you. I went with Duron Weathershield. The regular price is about $40, and with a discount, I was able to get it for $32/gallon.

I'm taking the advice about good prep to heart. I just pressure washed all sides. There is no paint chip off on the sidings, but some on the trims. The house is 10 years old. It did take me a couple of days to replace some of the sidings and window nosings and caulking all the cracks.

I know it would be best to put on two coats, but I'm not sure if I'll have the patience to do it. Do you think it'll be ok if I paint just one coat but really carefully and cover it well?


10:18PM | 09/22/07
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Don't fall into that trap of "1 real good coat"!!! I don't care how good you put it on...2 coats are needed.

>>> Are you priming?!?!?!

* Think how much beating a coat of paint takes on the outside.

* One dried coat of paint isn't very thick!!

* 2 coats form a tougher film, & the color-layer is thicker...therefore color-DEPTH is better.

* Fading is somewhat minimized too.

* Do it RIGHT, NOW, & take a decade off!

>>> At OUR ACE store anyway...we've got a separate Paint dep't. We always counsel our clients on good prep, etc.

>>> Many, many satisfied ACE-Paint users up here.

>>> Assuming proper prep/priming, I'll put ACE-Royal up against 95% of the others out there.



11:15AM | 04/24/13
I've researched, and there are lots of recommendations for paint, so I'm confused.

If you had a choice between, BEHR, California Fresh Paints, Kelley-Moore, or Sherwin-Williams which one would you choose living in Texas (hot weather)?

Also, our home was primed and painted twice 4 years ago, and the paint has not chipped or pealed, but it’s faded. Should we apply two coats when repainting now?


12:06PM | 04/25/13
we live in florida and its time to repaint our house. we are going with a lighter color so 2 coats will be needeed. my question is if the house already was professionally painted several years ago, do we still need to prime or only where the paint chipped off? should we use ben moore sherwin williams or behr?


06:19PM | 05/20/13
Love to work with Lowe's Valspar Duramax. Goes on thick, stays on thick. Great self-priming product, yet little known. Also like it for it's superior weather shield, which means you can coat prior to rain by just a few hours and you still are guaranteed a good finish. It sprays on just as well as rolls & brushes.


03:37PM | 05/23/13
what is the difference in gloss/ semi gloss/ and flat. I dont know which one i need . THe house is old.


10:04PM | 05/28/13
I had 2 painter give me a estimate for painting 1 wants dunn edwards n 1 wants sherman williams.which is better also 1 wants flat n 1 wants semigloss .what to do


01:11PM | 07/01/13
Satin Finish Is The Longest Lasting.I recommend two coats Sherwin Williams duration: exterior over their primeRX hi build prime coat for the longest lasting and smoothest finish.


02:28PM | 09/17/13
My contractor thinks Dunn-Edwards, I thought the new Behr.
What about it?


03:42PM | 11/03/13
I would say that Sherwin Williams Duration is an excellent exterior paint choice. House Painting


10:10AM | 12/31/13
Can anyone tell me if it is better to go with acrylic paint or elastromeric paint for a STUCCO building, very close to the ocean?


05:31PM | 06/27/14
What's your recommendation for painting a porch that's already had two coats on? I'd like to have one that's primer and paint all in one.


09:09PM | 05/14/15
I can say about 3 years ago I did a large test area on the side of my house with ace exterior paint. It still looks real good, I did not prime it. Recently I tested Behr premium ultra, one spot with 3 coats, one spot with a primer and two coats. My husband has has said the ace looks way better and I agree. Only had used 2 coats of the ace.


12:38AM | 05/25/15
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Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams is an excellent choice of paint and using the best paint is smart, Dunn-Edwards is a very old brand and they used to make the absolute best if they haven't been bought out. As a contractor 35 years I have not been happy with the longevity of the BEHR as the others on my finished homes.


09:03PM | 02/19/16
I put a second story on our house and used hardi lap Siding for the exterior, what paint would you recommend for the first paint job ? it's pre primed , I've caulked all butt joints and window and corner joints, I also used an exterior nail hole filler on my trim pieces, were in Southern California so the weather is fairly mild .


06:32AM | 03/17/16
I have used most brands that are available on the market and I couldn't find one better than Sherwin William's Duration. I operate my painting business in Florida where the UV rays are higher than most states and it rains extremely hard. The problem I had with other products was fading that would occur in less than 5 years. Remember just because a paint goes on thick doesn't mean it will retain its color or won't crack and chip. I wouldn't use any other product outside of Sherwin Williams, they have been the easiest to work with and they have last the longest. If you look at the market they are the one who are coming out with a lot of the break through technowlogies because they invest a lot of their money into research.

BTW Home Depot and Lowes products are the worst when it comes to fading.


05:23PM | 04/20/16
how does Porter paint compare in quality to S/W and /or Behr?


07:08PM | 08/09/17
I'm painting my house with Behr exterior premium plus ultra satin finish from Home Depot. One of the commentors above said that satin finish lasts the longest. I'm very happy to hear that. I'm basically repainting a 25 year old paint job shingled house with almost the same color of the original paint. Not changing colors makes coverage a lot easier and I'm going with one coat. So far it's looks great. I think the Behr is a good choice as I used it to paint a section of the house some years ago that would peel excessively due to sun exposure. The Behr paint held up much better than the original paint which was Benjamin Moore flat tudor brown. I believe the satin finish does hold up better. It reflects more light, thereby stays cooler and reflects UV as well.


02:21PM | 10/30/17
Does anyone know how Dunn Edwards ranks? I live in So. Cal and the painters seem to use Dunn Edwards.


08:25AM | 11/29/17
You keep rit commending Sherrington Williams, but it is too expensive for the average person to be able to afford. Most higher end paints are made with the same materials. I have used Sherrington Williams, Lowe's and Home Depot paints they all hold up the same one doesn't last really any longer than the others, The person who keeps recommending Sherrington Williams has to represent them in some way to keep fighting for there products.


08:32AM | 11/29/17
I hate auto correct it should say Sherwin Williams...


10:35PM | 07/22/18
I am trying to repaint a storage shed. I am wondering which brand of paint it use. What is everyone else suggestions for paint brand?


10:36PM | 07/22/18
I live in southern Illinois and we have humid weather a lot.


11:05AM | 07/06/19
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I live in Wisconsin, what is the best exterior paint for this climate? Have been considering Ace Royal, heard it is a good long lasting paint.


04:17PM | 08/17/19
The pros use PPG, Sherwin Williams, or Benjamin Moore. They don't use paint from Home Depot. There is a good reason why...
Labor is much more expensive than good paint. I've found good paint is worth the money. Why take a chance?


10:54AM | 08/18/19
If you want to find ratings for both exterior and interior paints, check the Consumer Reports website. They rate a variety of paints. I use to work in the paint dept at Home Depot. We sold Behr and PPG paints, mainly to home owners. The Behr line is exclusive to HD. Some professionals use our paints and primers and seemed satisfied with them. Other painters are firmly committed to their favorites, usually Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. Those brands are aimed at the professional painter and have stand alone stores to meet their needs. A nonprofessional can buy paint from these stores but know that you're NOT going to get the professional discounts the pros get. You'll have to wait for a sale to get lower prices and even then they are high. I checked my local SW store and asked the price of their best interior paint. It was $72. Home Depot's best interior paint runs about $40. Is SW's paint twice as good as Behr? As for Duron paint, SW bought them years ago.


11:11AM | 08/18/19
Consumer Reports (CR) recommends two exterior paints. They are Behr Ultra Exterior (available only at Home Depot. Behr just calls the paint Ultra now. The second paint is Clark + Kensington Exterior (Ace). CR says that both paints completed the equivalent of 9 years' exposure. Make up your own mind.


11:14PM | 01/14/22
Ace Royal brand has become my go-to paint. Behr is horrible quality, and mid-tier Benjamin Moore paint isn't much better. While I haven't tried the higher end Sherwin-Williams paints, I've heard great things, but I feel like I don't need to pay $60-$75/gallon when I already get great coverage paint in the $30-something range with Royal.

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