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04:26PM | 03/10/08
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We just used Behr Wetlook sealer on our pavers. Per the instructions we rolled the sealer on the pavers. A milky appearance was immediate and hasn't gone away, and it looks terrible. Any thoughts on what went wrong and, more importantly, how we can fi it?


12:41PM | 03/13/08
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Is this a waterbased or oil based product?


03:39PM | 03/13/08
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Thsnks for replying. It's a water-based sealer.

doug seibert

04:51PM | 03/13/08
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"...measure once.....cut twice....throw that one away and cut a new one...."


03:26AM | 03/15/08
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I sounds as if you may have applied the product to heavy as alot of these water based products go on milky and dry clear. It may go away with time or if it is not to large of an area you could scuf it it up to help it cure out.

I would be curious to see what BEHR says.


04:32AM | 03/16/08
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Here's Behr's reply:

"The Wet-Look Sealer can be removed with a methylene chloride base paint stripper. You may also want to use a pressure washer in conjunction with the stripper."

Frankly, I'm scared to touch the pavers since we followed Behr's instructions the first time.

I have found a company who says they can fix it (for around $600). It's around 1000 square feet. :(


01:40AM | 03/17/08
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Did Behr give you any idea why they think this happened?


04:05PM | 03/17/08
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No, Behr said that we followed the instructions and that we used the appropriate amount (based on the square footage and the amount left in the container). For around 1000 square feet we used around four gallons of a five gallon container.

Behr seems to be as much at a loss as we are about what went wrong.

The container said in big, bold letters that the contents appear milky but dry clear. So, we didn't think twice when we saw the white film. After a while it became pretty obvious that the white wasn't going away.


04:20PM | 03/17/08
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So is BEHR going to pay for the fix? It seems that if you followed the directions they should pay.


06:32AM | 05/12/10
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I'm having the same problem, sealed my patio a week ago and its still white, what a mess. I talked to Behr and they said it would be gone in 72 hours. Let me know what results you had.


01:58PM | 05/12/10
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The film never went away. I ended up having to pay to have the brick sandblasted. Luckily Behr reimbursed the cost of the stain and the sandblasting. Unfortunately there are still areas with the milky stain, that was missed during the sandblasting. Do you have any bricks that weren't stained? I was able to submit photos of bricks with stain and without, to show the difference. Best of luck to you.


04:39PM | 05/12/10
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This why you do not buy paint at a big box store as you are on your own. As most of the time you can't find help and you pick up what you think is right and go to the check out and pay for it.


06:39PM | 01/08/11
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I'm in the Surface Restoration business and do a lot of sealer removal on stamped concrete and pavers.

What you need to do is look for someone in your area that has a Farrow System 185 surface restoration machine.

It's a process that's very similar to Sandblasting or Soda Blasting, but without all the mess and it's safe on almost all surfaces because it's low pressure (55 psi)

It also very GREEN and uses no chemicals... just air, water and a mineral called Olivine which is the secret ingredient.

Here's a YouTube video of a project we recently on limestone:

Our company is in New Jersey and services Eastern PA, DE, NJ, CT and Souther NY and Long Island.



12:40PM | 01/29/13
I'm having a similar situation with my mexican pavers. The sealer went on clear but have TURNED milky white over the last 72 hours. Some stones have three colors now: milky white, dark red, and the natural original color. I'm afraid that some moisture was trapped under the sealer. This is an indoor floor, but it was raining the day before the sealer was applied. Parts of the house are fine because the cleaning was done first there. The contractor is coming to take a look but I'm going to be literally living in the dog house if it has to be stripped/sealed again. Any ideas on what to do?


07:02PM | 02/09/13
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Behr wetlook sealer is crap put on new flagstone sidewalk and now I get to take it off and redo with new product goes on milky and stays milky I,ve been in this trade for 23 years and used several products over the years first time with this problem


02:52PM | 02/11/13
I've had simliar issues.

It was my first use with this product.


03:38PM | 04/25/13
Used Behr wet look sealer on my pavers and didn't like it. Switched half way through the job and used a product with Xylene. Looks great. I called Behr and since my pavers are colered, he said the Behr stripper would be too strong. He suggested using a soy based cleaner to remove the Behr wet look sealer which is acrylic based. We'll see....


12:19PM | 05/09/13
Same thing just happened to me-first I put a stain on it that was suppose to be a 2 tone and it wasent-then I put the wet look on and in a couple af areas it is milky looking.First time this has happened to me in all the years ive been doing this.


01:51PM | 05/09/13
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Thanks for the heads up on this product.


02:51AM | 06/29/13
I found that the product worked well when applied in shade or in the evening, but went milky when applied in direct sunlight. Be sure to do a test patch first!


09:11AM | 09/16/13
Same problem here, rolled on behrwet look sealer and has left some white patches. I looked really really close to the milky area"s and found tiny little bubbles and that's what is making it look milky. Question, can the spots be sanded and then reapply over the whole thing


10:39AM | 10/19/14
I just applied the Behr product yesterday and I have areas that are very milky. Instructions were closely followed and I was very cautions as to the application. Not to much, not to little. Used a roller. Are there any other comments or recommendations as to remedies? I'm considering attempting to remove.


09:50AM | 08/03/16
My understanding is that this works best after using a penetrating sealer first.
"Never apply the Behr Wet Look directly to stone, brick or tile. (It says so in the instructions) You have to start by using a penetrating sealer, preferably a water based one such as Behr 98001. Confusingly they call it a Protector & Sealer but its really a penetrating sealer. The 98501 Wet Look also a water based sealer, will then bond perfectly to the 98001."


10:37PM | 11/06/16
Hi every one has anyone found a simple solution?
I walked into this, behr should have a skull and crossbones warning on the front saying this was possible, i cant beleive no class action suit, so many people, this is way too difficult to correct. i hope by now someone has a solution
Milkyimg 4339


11:15AM | 05/27/18
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What's worse is, their customer service is not open on Sundays or the following Monday holiday. (Although it was their customer service that led me wrong to start with.)


12:15PM | 10/03/18
Yep, had the same issue. They said it would take a month to dry clear and never did. Can I paint over it?


03:32AM | 10/15/20
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04:53PM | 03/28/21
Toluene is an automotive paint thinner. It will make it curl, did not hurt color in stamped and stain concrete patio. I poured it on and used 17” wire brush buffer head to scrub then power washed it clean!


09:47PM | 04/04/22
Yip, milky! Very dissatisfied……..


09:49PM | 04/04/22
Yip, milky! Very dissatisfied……..


09:32PM | 05/09/22
Yep, milky here too. Yuck.

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