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06:48AM | 04/01/08
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There is always been two sides of exterior house painting believers. One says "You must use Brush to paint", teh other says"Spray is the best to fill in cracks and last longer".

In Florida, which one should be used when painting the exterior of a house?



02:03PM | 04/01/08
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What type of exterior siding do you have?


01:26AM | 04/02/08
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Wood Siding


01:54AM | 04/02/08
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If it is wood siding then spraying is the better way to go as you apply more paint than brushing. Just be sure to use the premium exterior acrylic paint line from the paint store as it is really your best value.


03:53AM | 04/02/08
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Let me add another thing about paint spraying. There are some that say you have to thin the paint down alot to get it through a sprayer but if you have a commercial paint sprayer that is just not the case.


05:06AM | 04/02/08
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Thank you for the information and the recommendation.


10:06AM | 06/18/09
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I have some type of pressed fiber siding. Would it be better to spray paint or hand brush this type of siding?




06:58PM | 06/18/09
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I will make no difference if you brush or spray as far as durability goes.


10:39PM | 06/02/13
I have a three-story masonry (cement decorative fascia blocks over concrete blocks and poured concrete walls). Last painted with oil (acrylic?) paint. Would like to spray to save time, and willing to mask the many windows. The sprayer is a Wagner W350, an older model project sprayer (I guess) that does not have a separate compressor. Suggestions on how and how much to thin the paint, other tips, welcomed. Thank you


03:47PM | 06/12/13
I can guarantee you that the rest of the house was spyraed instead of brush and roller. BTW, that ladder that he has does not reach the top peak of the house. You will need several ladders to paint an exterior. Why did he prime the house if he was using Valspar Duramax?? It's a self-priming paint. I like it how they make it seem easy to paint the exterior of a house! Notice he didn't putty the nail holes either. Amateurs!!

Bob Vila

02:01PM | 10/02/13
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Hi there,

Great question — so great, in fact, I wanted everyone to see it!

There are reasons to choose either sprayer or brush. Check out my answer right here:

Thanks for the question!

-Bob Vila


03:24PM | 10/25/15
no not true brushing is way better ive been a painter for 22 yrs and spraying does not fill cracks better..roll or brush on primer then 2 coats of finish with any benjimen moore outdoor product and get 20 yrs on your paint i promise this and to be sure put some emolcabond in your paint.titanium optimizers is what make paint last longer. ive been painting after sprayed houses my whole life Higher Standard painting and renovations


08:56PM | 09/03/16
For an exterior, spray and then back roll/back brush, regardless of the substrate (except for metal, then prep and spray). The spray and back roll method is especially true for stucco or brick exterior, using a good elastomeric.

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