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06:48AM | 12/01/03
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I have some roof shingle mold/mildew, and was going to try Jay J's suggestion of 1 cup bleach to 1 gallon water, but was concerned that the bleach would damage the asphalt aspect of the shingles. Anyone know if it does/doesn't?

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04:44PM | 12/01/03
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I dont think there will be a problem .You might test a small area before applying over complete area. If you are having mildew or molding problems,can be caused by overhanging trees, especially nut bearing, or softwood trees. also, you need to get more attic ventilation, eve vents, soffit vents, power vents or turbines. what creates mildew is inside warm temps coinciding with outside cool air. need to equalize attic temps by adding more ventilation. the bleach water combo will only last a few weeks before returning to same status.


08:19AM | 12/04/03
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I thought they sell a concoction meant to clean your problem up. Check with your home center. I agree with toolcen2. Correct the problem before you waste the time of cleaning the shingles. It's never good for the shingles to stay wetter longer than necesary.

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06:04PM | 05/24/15
I have used 100% bleach on my roof for years and it makes it look brand new and it has never cause any problems. The bleach get those black stains off and your roof looks brand new again. I bleach my roof every 2 years. I also just use a water hose to rinse it off. I let the bleach sit for like 10 minutes before rinsing it off. I professional roofer did not believe my roof was over 10 years old. He said it could last another 5 years in the condition it was in.


12:19PM | 04/29/17


10:00AM | 12/14/17
Been in business 39 yrs. Only use 8.25% sodium hypochlorite on asphalt shingles no matter how old. Never in 39 yrs had any negative feedback. It doesnt shorten the life if anythine it make them last twice as long in my opinion and I see this everyday. Any one saying it damages shingle are no doubt selling a product. It should be illegal to flat out lie to people to sell a product.


12:34AM | 12/29/17
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According to my experience if you mix household bleach with mater and spray on your asphalt shingles than its works good and its not damage your roof ever, yes but after day or months the shine of shingles gets little lower.


06:19PM | 06/21/21
Re: will vinegar and Epson salt damage Asphalt shingles?

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