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04:57AM | 12/26/02
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Over time my beautiful white grout has becomes dirty looking even though the floors get washed. I've used baking soda & vinegar, Tilex, and Oxy-Clean with Oxy-Clean being the best so far. The problem is it involves many woman-hours of scrubbing with a toothbrush over LONG periods of time. Is there a better and more successful way or technique of doing this?


11:35AM | 12/26/02
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Plain bleach or special grout cleaners. If it is a bathroom floor with soap scum, then CLR or other soap scum remover is good.


05:43PM | 12/28/02
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If the vinegar doesn't do it or the bleach won't, try that new Oxy clean enzyme stuff on it. Failing that, you'll need to grind it our mechanically and re- grout. Personally, I would never want white grout on a floor because this is something to expect. If you ever get it clean, go the the tile store and buy some sealer to keep it that way and use it often.


07:33AM | 03/28/03
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You can get a hydrochloric acid based cleaner for grout based from Home Depot. I can't remember the brand name, but it worked great for me.

Just pour it on, let it set for a few mins, then wipe it off. It cleaned my grout to a white shine again. Good luck


08:41AM | 03/28/03
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One thing you might try is using 3% Hydrogen Peroxide for your grout. It is used by dentists (at a much higher concentration) to bleach peoples teeth. It is safe non-toxic (as opposed to the HCL cleaner (very toxic) and some of the other brand name cleaners listed. It is cheap. It can be found at your local drugstore.
Try that and see how it works for you. You can always bring out the big-gun cleaners if all else fails. The hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleach so it should do nicely. Test a inconspictuous spot first as with any other cleaner.




05:26AM | 03/29/03
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Had this same problem when we bought our house. One inch by one inch tile in both the kitchen in the bath. I thought the grout was black, until I started scrubbing. Turns out its white. The best thing I've come across is stuff called "Zap". Not sure who makes it, but it did get a lot of the grime out of the grout. It comes in a spray bottle. I had to let it sit there for a long while before it started doing its thing, and it took a few applications. The I used a scrub brush and a toothbrush to bring up the dirt. Just make sure you rinse it away really well or it leaves a kind of cloudy residue on the tile.


10:25AM | 03/29/03
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Dear Woman-hours. I wish you luck; I've had the same kind of experience, trying to keep my grout clean and white, having explicitly explained this objective to the saleman who assured me that the very expensive 'sealer' he sold me would do the job!!

Nothing could have been further from the truth. To date, having posted here and pestered every salesman in the business, I have yet to find anything that will do the job of REALLY sealing.

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