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08:35PM | 07/27/03
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in answer to your questions. (1)your riser will need to be the same thickness as the laminate (so it will fit up to the stair nose).(2) yes use construction adhesive on both the riser and tread.(3)the 1/4 round would be needed if you dont have a nice connection between the riser and the tread.(4) no underlayment on steps.....good luck


02:43PM | 07/28/03
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As a past sales associate for both Home Depot and Lowe's in the flooring department it has always amazed me that someone would WANT to put laminate flooring on a set of stairs.

Unless you are using a nosing that clicks into the laminate (some do but $$$)the bullnosing fits up over the flooring. You are essentially making a trip hazard on each and every step. I hope no one visiting your home has a three year old that falls down the stairs because they tripped on the bullnosing going downstairs. Or an elderly person.

I have always recommended solid oak treads on stairs. They are both solid, beautiful, safe and probably less expensive than the laminate once you figure in what they charge for laminate bullnose.

You can do what you want of course but could you please explain the reasoning behind putting laminate flooring on stairs.



02:12PM | 08/05/03
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Actually, the Pergo line I am looking at has bullnosing that clicks into the laminate flush and does not create a raised lip on the tread of the stair. I saw that Armstong's bullnose does, and I do not want this, because I do have a three year old. The rationale for laminate on stairs is that it weathers better than carpet, and given that I have a split level, the stairs are a high-traffic area. Thanks for the advice.


05:40PM | 08/09/03
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Thanks again for the advice on how to install Pergo on stairs and the things to watch for. I have run into a new problem in this project that I need advice on. I ripped the existing carpet back on these stairs to see what was underneath and realized that the stairs were constructed with an overhang. The subfloor tread (2x8 lumber) jets out from the subfloor riser somewhere between 3/4" and 1". Because the tread is a 2x, putting the Pergo bullnosing over this will look horrible. Should I shore up the riser with 1x before installing my Poplar vaneer riser? If so, should I use construction adhesive or nails, or a combination of both. Will I lose step space in doing so or will the Pergo bullnose compensate for the loss? My next door neighbor was telling me how he redid the whole subfloor construction of his stairs when he wanted to lay down hardwood. I do not want to do this. :/

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04:23PM | 08/10/03
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you have two ways to go,(1) cut the nose of the tread,so the riser is flush,or(2)build out the riser so it's flush.
your tread will be smaller either way.your flush stair nose will get you some of that back....good luck


05:12PM | 08/10/03
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Thanks! I think I'll build it up, because once you cut if off, you can't get it back if you goof up.


07:55AM | 03/13/05
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What do you recommend for stairs in lieu of laminate? Carpet for stairs and laminate everywhere else?


03:58PM | 03/02/09
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You say you use to work at these places. Well the guy at Lowe's told me to use the pergo on the steps. And I was concerned about the over lap of the bullnose being a triping hazard. But since Lowe's talked me into it , I have been trying to figure out how. One piece does not fit so one needs to cut two boards for each tread and each riser needs to be cut and then the bull nose just does not seems to fit right. Anyway to get Lowe's to take the boxes that can't be used and bull nose back? I think it is hazardous and they should not have recomended it. I have like 9 boxes to do the steps. Good sale for the salesmen.


04:51AM | 01/02/10
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watch videos of finished projects - laminate flooring on stairs - on
8827 laminate stairs


02:54PM | 09/11/10
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That surely doesn't look like laminate flooring on the stairs. On the landings, yeah, but on the stairs? How did you achieve that 2 x 12 box look on the nosing portion? I'm so curious?


02:59PM | 09/21/10
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11:15AM | 10/13/10
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I read what you guys wrote and i've already given in to $$ on the stairs, but no matter what, i still have to do the top step of my hallway and basement. Running into a real problem because of the lip and kids. i really need a solution before divorce.


03:29AM | 09/18/13
Can u install laminate with a lip on the steps need to know


04:37PM | 09/15/17
On the other hand it could prevent slipping since there is a lip!
Flush stair nose is asking for a child to slip. Good and bad to either method.

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