12:26PM | 05/10/04
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plywood the whole way, Luan is cheaper, but you get what you pay for...let the big box stores use the Luan.

Yes install the ply over the existing (possible) vinyl.

not sure exactly how to set it.


01:24PM | 05/10/04
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I agree plywood is superior to luan. Attachment would be with liquid nails floor and subfloor glue reinforced with either screws or ring shank nails.

I'm a little puzzled why you are not considering a laminate for this application. It could be floated on an acoustic pad without worrying about attachments and underlayments and there is a lot of variety. Also, look closely at the particleboard. It is most likely an underlayment, not a subfloor. If it terminates next to walls, cabinets and doorways (i.e. does not run under), it can be removed and replaced with plywood. But laminates and floating floor applications are by far the easiest.


11:48PM | 05/18/04
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well, the vinyl didn't go across the house, and most of the floor is, in fact, particle board... i'd really like to ask the differences between the luan and the ply... why would luan be so bad??? my budget is getting smaller and smaller and am already paying quite a bit on the tiles themselves... i'd hate to make a mistake using luan, but i'm not sure if i can afford the plywood... could you tell me the ins and outs???



08:23AM | 05/19/04
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Luan is not a structural board, but is made with a very smooth finished face that will work well under vinyl tile. The alternative would be A-C plywood, and you are right, the costs (3X greater for plywood) are not justified for the difference in quality.

Is plywood better? yes, because it has structural qualities.

Will you ever notice the difference? no, because you will get a smooth finish to lay the vinyl on, and the structural difference between 1/4 ply and luan are insignificant.

Good luck on the project, it will work out fine.


10:54PM | 05/23/04
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okay - to catch you all up...

i've decided to go with the luan - there is no telling how long i'll actually live in this trailer and also, well, it isn't my trailer... i don't have enough money in my budget for plywood, and i'm not worried that the immediate results will differ too much...

BUT more problems arise:

after pulling up all of the carpet (and boy was that gross) i discovered two problems in the particle board flooring: the bathrooms... these people were morons for putting carpet directly over particle board in bathrooms... well, one of the bathrooms is not so bad... just some damage along the edge of one wall... the other, however, has a large area behind the toilet that is sunk in a bit... i'd say that the level in the "sink hole" is about one inch below the rest of the floor, but definitely not any deeper than that... it's crumbled a bit... looks like there must have been a toilet overflow at one point... so, the question is: is there any way to fix this before tiling since i'd imagine that you can't put tile over a floor that isn't level... again, i plan on laying the luan over all of the particle board... is there a way to level it under the luan??? i'd almost like to replace that particle board in the bathroom with ply or something, but i have ABSOLUTELY no idea how to do something like that... please offer your suggestions... thanks!


10:56PM | 05/23/04
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and remember, i'm a novice...



04:44PM | 02/20/16
fuck off
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