03:22PM | 01/20/05
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The guys Lumber Liquidators used come from a company called L & N .....,Inc. I asked one of the principles about the qualifications of their reps and their specialty. They inspect countertops, vinyl flooring, wood flooring, and just about anything else a manufacturer will pay them for. My inspector knew little or nothing about wood flooring and it was obvious that he was doing exactly what he was told to do.

I guess the 'independent inspector' will fool some people. I've got over $8,000 invested in faulty flooring and I don't intend to lay down like they want me to.

Anyone else have inspector stories??


05:47PM | 01/20/05
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The more I learn about this product, the more I feel ripped off!

Well I went back to the Depot to contest the "indepentent" inspector's report. The staff there started to give me the same old song and dance about installers error.

But thanks to Mike Lonergan filling me in on how the Depot is pulling this product off their shelves due to its poor quality, they didn't know what to say when I confronted them about it.

The first guy called his manager and then a second manager was called. After the first guy told both managers that I had been "doing my homework on the internet" about "Tap Tight" they did admit that it was being discontinued. None of the Depot's employees would give me a reason why, just saying that it was going to be replaced with another fine product from Tarkett Floors.

I told them that actions speak louder than words and if they weren't getting a lot of complaints about it, they would still be selling it.

Now they're going to do another inspection. The Depot manager along with one of their "Tap Tight" trained installers is going to look at my floor and see if they can come up with a repair fix.

Mike so far you've been right on the money about what the Depot is doing. What do you or any of you other guys suggest on how to handle this next inspection?

doug seibert

06:29AM | 01/21/05
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Sounds like they'll be able to claim "installation" errors........

Did you keep any of the original packaged instructions ?

The Online PDF instructions CLEARLY indicate to keep all flooring factory sealed until the time of installation.........

And they REQUIRE the Humidity ALWAYS remain within 35-55%.........

With any engineered product ya gotta follow THEIR rules...........or there's no warranty.......


06:44AM | 01/21/05
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You have boxed them in and the only way for them to get out is if you let them. I wish there was a way to attach pictures for everyone to see.

The flooring is defcetive with numerous imperfections and deficiencies. I am either going to have to tear up our floor project or pay to have it refinished, the choice is the customers decision though I think removal is going to be that directive.

Don't let the Depot bamboozal you. Their department experts are has-beens and want-a-bees; if they were really experts they be out here, and would not have traded a lucrative career for 40 cents on the dollar!!!

TradesProfessionals is on the web. I don't know if the monitor will let me state this but if you need help and support in this fight you may contact me. Go to for contact info. We are changing hosts so the site may be down for a day or so this week.

Thank you,

Mike Lonergan

Mike Lonergan



08:12AM | 02/16/05
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Well I am still working with the Depot to get this problem resolved. I was getting the brush off from the store I bought it from. It's head manager did not want to do anything for me, citing Harris Tarkett's "independant inspection" report.

However, I called their corporate complaint line and they connected me with a manager over the flooring department. Off the record he agreed that the "Tap Tight" product has not lived up to the Depots standards. He really seems to want to help me, but he is attempting to get Harris Tarkett to do something. I don't have a lot of faith that this is going to work.

I have to thank Mike Lonergan of the Trades Professionals, because it is only with the information he has provided that the Depot is giving this a second look.

Mr. Lonergan did you ever file that small claims court case you referred to in previous posting, or have any luck with your letter of intent to file suit? I could see my case going that route if Harris Tarkett isn't willing to work with my Depot representative.

All help is appreciated.


10:07AM | 02/10/09
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Great articles and support on this product defect item. Same problem in Wheaton Illinois. Thnaks for the education!!


05:33PM | 02/11/09
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Well, after all this and all the headaches Harris Tarket and Home Depot got what they wanted. I gave up the fight.

I got as far as the flooring manager at the Home Depot I bought the "Tap Tight" flooring from admitting the floor was bad and needed replaced. However, he told me that he wasn't going to pay for the replacement out of his budjet, because that would cut into his bonus. He then said if we couldn't get Harris Tarket to replace it, it wasn't going to get fixed.

Well guess what, Harris Tarket wouldn't replace it.

Since Home Depot didn't want to stand behind the product they sold, I now shop at Lowe's!


04:40AM | 02/28/09
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I installed a tap tight floor about seven years ago in my family room. Over the yers there was some seperation in the seems but nothing as bad as you discribed in the complain. I am in the process of re-doing the floors in my upsatrs beedrooms and was ready to go back to Tap Tight I will definetly re-think that after seeing the problems you have had.

Hope you get full satisfaction. THANKS FOR THE TIP!
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