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10:37AM | 10/20/04
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I don't know that much about them, other than they look like regular open gutters, but you use a long pole to flip the gutters down so debris falls out.

I'm debating on getting regular gutters vs. something fancier and I've heard a lot about these flip kind, but I can't find much info on them. I know the general consensus on here is that old-fashioned gutters are best, but we have to get ours cleaned 4-5 times a year, we have so many trees. Cutting down trees isn't an option, either. Cleaning the gutters ourselves isn't an option, either.




05:54PM | 10/22/04
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I work with a guy that put flip clean gutters on his house and he said it was the best thing he had done to the exterior of his house.


08:12AM | 03/06/05
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Yes, I have Flip Clean gutters on my house and LOVE them!!!! I can clean the gutters (2 story 2300 sq. ft. house with gutters on 4 sides) in only 5 minutes -- no exaggeration!! By comparison, I recently moved from a 1000 sq. ft. rancher and it took several hours for me to clean just 2 straight gutters. I had never heard of them until I bought this house, and I am HIGHLY RECOMMENDING them to everyone! I can even clean them in my "Sunday best" outfit and not get a speck of dirt on myself.


12:19PM | 10/12/06
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I have them also on both house and barn. And like everyone else said, they are the best thing since sliced bread. During the Fall, just before a rainstorm, it takes me 5 minutes to clean the gutters on both the 3000 sq ft house and 2000 sq ft barn.

Available in the Richmond Virginia area only, as far as I know.


05:28AM | 06/03/08
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I'm an autorized Flip-Clean dealer in Atlanta Georgia. If you have questions feel free to contact me at anytime

Rene 404-784-7414


05:49PM | 03/17/13
Anyone know what company installs them at British Columbia, Canada?

Please email me at Thanks.


12:37PM | 02/03/15
I live in Florida and need these. Tried calling and emailing the posted number and address for the Virginia source, to no avail. I would think such a great idea would have some available source to talk to, if they are a going/growing concern. I may have to end up building my own hinges to get my solution accomplished.


11:41PM | 02/08/18
I had them for 18 years on my family home, and they are really great gutters. Clean out in 10 minutes and avoid all of the problems that are inherent in either open or the ridiculously expensive closed systems which end up clogging anyways, and there is no way to clean them. Definitely worth the extra money over traditional gutters.


11:43PM | 02/08/18
Rhino Construction in Fairfax, Virgina does a great job. Contact Don McCarthy at

Straight shooter and high quality.


09:22PM | 11/01/18
i live in richmond,va and i have flipclean gutters.they are the best ever.

i have a friend in colo.springs,colo and he is interested in these gutters .but he cannt find a instalation company in town tha install them


04:47PM | 11/05/18
I think this small Richmond VA company has a patent, and may license a few other companies to sell/install these. I just moved to Savannah GA and would buy these for my gutterless house here at almost any price if I could find someone local selling them. I had them on my 2 story house for almost 20 years in Richmond, and loved them. We had over 20 large trees, and in the fall gutters would fill about every three days, and in the spring would fill weekly. In 20 yrs, I NEVER had to rinse them out--when I flipped them over EVERYTHING would fall out--wet pin oak leaves or anything else. Worst case I had to flip them 2-3 times to empty the wet leaves. When I put new siding on the house and new gutters, it cost me $400 extra for these over standard thinner gauge gutters. I even had a dog that tore down a downspout, and the company, Flip-Clean, would not charge me to replace it. They did the replacement, and said the dog shouldn't have been able to do that, and refused to charge me. You don't forget a company or a product like that.


11:35AM | 10/25/19
I've had them for about 30 years and they work great. Very easy to clean using a pole to flip them over and dump debris. Lifetime transferrable warranty. Great customer service.


02:49PM | 06/06/20
I had them on my prior house and am now looking to put them on my new house. They are so much better than any other option to control water flow and provide easy care and cleaning.


06:15AM | 12/10/20
Are there similar system you can purchase to install yourself?


03:12PM | 10/04/21
I just bought them for a section of my house. House had no gutters prior. Leaves are starting to fall and rain is on the way. I walked outside with the pole, flipped them down, every leaf fell out, flipped them back up. I will try them out this fall (I have so many trees!) then if they continue to be this simple with some occasional wet leaves mixed in, I will get them for the front as well. Literally took longer to get the pole than to flip it.


03:49PM | 10/12/21
I am looking to put in flip gutters depending on cost.


08:40PM | 11/06/21
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How much do they cost for a 2 story, 2400 sq ft house?

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