10:41AM | 04/27/06
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Our newly installed Duraceramic shows scratches from even an empty kitchen chair with glider feet. Congoleum says that this is not a "manufacturing defect" - has anyone else had this problem? I've got 7 more boxes that I was going to install in my playroom!


02:17PM | 08/01/07
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I had Dura Ceramic professionally installed in 2004. At first it looked great, and I love the feel of it, but mine got scratches (I think from my dog's toenails) and it started developing little holes in the surface after only a year. After more than a year of calling, waiting, and inspectors coming and going, Congoleum finally decided I must have made the holes myself (there are more than 75!) and refuses to stand behind their warranty. At this point, I would never recommend Dura Ceramic to anyone. Congoleum told me that no one else is having these problems, so if you know of anyone else, I would love to talk to them. Maybe if there are enough of us, we can get Congoleum to do something.


08:16AM | 08/06/07
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use felt or nylon chair feet protectors.

it is NOT a manufacturing defect.

It IS consumer abuse of the product.

Congoleum specifically tells you in their care and maintenance instructions to use furniture protectors so the flooring is not marred or damaged.

If this was provided and installed by a company, they should ahve provided you with the care and maintenance instructions. Whether you ahve recourse with them ... who knows.

here is the congoleum care and maintenance instructions:


There are two ways to do any job.

The right way and the wrong way.

Do it right everytime.




08:19AM | 08/06/07
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Floor Protector for Chairs


There are two ways to do any job.

The right way and the wrong way.

Do it right everytime.




01:30PM | 12/31/09
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I just read where a customer was told no one has the problem of scratches and/or holes in this product. Congoleum is very wrong. I am another customer with the same type of problems.

My new floor was installed about two years ago and I see scratches, pit marks, and small chips in this product. The grout does not adhere to the tiles. In fact, the professional installer has been in my home almost twelve hours repairing the grout today.

The grout has separated from the tiles, has splits and cracks in it, and has a discoloration. I was told this discoloration is due to the cleaning products I use. I disagree totally.

I can clean my floor,wear white socks, and they look almost black. I have had to clean the grout lines on my hands and knees, had a company representative visit my home, and all I seem to hear are excuses. I don't think that a person of my age (66) or any age needs to clean a floor on hands and knees.

I have found that a steam mop does a better job of cleaning the tiles but the grout problem still exists. Is it because it needs to be sealed? I was told it did not required a sealing process.

Someone needs to address the problems of dirt accumulation in the grout lines and the chipping that occurs in this product. Needess to say, I am very careful with this product and take personal pride in the appearance of my home.


09:53AM | 02/12/10
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I have a DuraCeramic floor installed by a professional in 2006. I HATE this floor. It has many tiny little chips! If I drop anything like even a fork it will chip. Also, the grout is yellowing and separating. For what I paid for the floor and subflooring I should have got laminate or hardwood. This floor is stinks.

In other parts of my home I have laminate, ceramic tile, and hardwood and I have no complaints. I will never purchase another Congoleum product again.


08:34AM | 07/29/10
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We had the EXACT type think happen. Floor is only 4 yrs old and has white spots and discolorations ALL OVER IT

they sent an "inspector " out - with all his little fancy gadgets..

and then denied the claim saying]

"it's not a manufacturer defect".. so that being said? I guess it's supposed to self destruct after only 4 yrs

the 69 cent a piece place and stick tile we bought from LOWES to do the bathroom held up Great !! Go fiqure..

the 4 bucks a pop tile from Mohawk /Duraceramic??? Sucks.. and they won't honor anything..




05:04PM | 05/01/13
I have a duraceramic floor for only 2 years and under every dining room chair white spots appeared as if the color is coming off. All chair legs have felt pads that are changed often. Inspector claims it is not the floor but customer abuse causing this. I guess you should not have chairs even with floor protector pads. Or the product has a 2 year life expectacy. The figjht is not over yet! Needless to say I will never buy any congolium product again and will tell this story to all that I can


11:01PM | 05/07/13
I too have Dura Ceramic. It is full of pits and cracks on edges. i am not a happy camper


08:52PM | 05/10/13
I recently did a big install in dentist office they called me back 6 mo later to relace about 30 tiles around the chairs and traffic areas, also the sealer pulls right off the joints,all in all a nigjtmare come true for an installer who takes pride in his work. Sincerly. Nick v.
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