07:14PM | 04/11/05
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I had a roofing guy come by today because I have a leak I wanted him to look at. He said he would not recommend fixing/patching the problem and recommended I replace the entire roof. He said I have two layers now and replacing the two layers and rotted wood beneath would not garantee me anything. Also, the area of damage was a lot and I have double singles and the cost would be double. Can someone offer a suggestion?


05:09AM | 04/12/05
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Whatever you do, don't rely on one guy's word or recomendation.

Also keep in mind that most roofers DO NOT repair leaks, in part because they don't

know how to. Sounds weird I know....but in 24 years, I've learned many things about "roofers".

1. The greater percentage of "roofers" out there don't know the correct procedures for installing Roofs.

2. Most "roofers" out there don't know the first thing about permanently fixing leaks.

These are just facts as far as I'm concerned, based on inspecting thousands of roofs, and repairing hundreds over the years...and, having talked with hundreds of homeowners who tell me the "same" stories, over and over.

As for your leak, there are some occasions where I've seen a leak that just couldn't be fixed without reroofing at least the area where it was occuring, due to either the heer massive deterioration of the roof covering, or because of the large complexity of the leaking area involved, etc.

But again, one thing many, in fact most roofers tend to say is "you need a new roof"

regardless of the real truth of the matter.

Spend some serious time weeding out roofers till you find one who does BOTH roof installations AND permanent roof repairs.

A roof CAN be your friend


05:26PM | 04/12/05
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thanks for your input.


06:28PM | 04/14/05
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I'm not sure if you can determine cost by me providing you the square feet of my home but, my house is 1509 sq. ft. Today I was quoted $4400 to repair the leak and roof just the entire front side of the house and $6100 for the entire house. Does this sound right? Can you determine by the information provided?


02:55AM | 04/15/05
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The square footage of the structure will be smaller than the "squares" required to roof it.

1 "square" = 100 sq. ft. of roofing needed.

The way estimates are figured out is take the actual suare footage of the roof, add a 10% waste factor, then the the linear footage of hip and ridge caps.

What you'd want to find out is how many "squares" does a roofer base their estimate on.

And keep in mind that even on a single story, the house square footage can be anywhere from 30% to 50% SMALLER the the roof footage...OR "SQUARES" required. This is because of the overhangs, the roof being pitched {therefore a larger plane than horizontal}, and any hips which tend to require more waste.

If you give me the number of roof "SQUARES", the type of underlayment {such as felt, ice&water, etc.} used, the type of shingle used {need the exact nanme and manufacturer's warranty period for THAT specific shingle}.....and how many layers have to be stripped off {if they do}.....

I could tell you if I think it's reasonable. Keep in mind that although the materials don't vary much from one part of the country to another, labor does. But I think I could still give you my OPINION on it.

Main thing is I need as much detail as you've been provided by the roofer in order to give any kind of valid opinion.

A roof CAN be your friend


07:41AM | 04/23/05
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I had another contractor come by today. He told me 23 squares, $5500. This also included a Bitumen Roofing Membrane over the rear awning over the patio, $1050. He said this awning was very flat and there is some wood damage. Also, includes Ice Shield $250, Ridge vent (2 peaks) $556 and roof louvers. Timberline (GAF), Roof Deck Protection, Leak Barrier and Attic Ventilation. 5 year labor warranty, 30 year manufacturer. 2 layers of Removal included. He said there is 4'x 8' plywood damage evident by softness on the roof and would have to replace at less 20 sheets or more at $70 each.

Complete cleanup, no dumpster used. total: $7356.00

Please let me know what you think.


03:42PM | 04/23/05
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In my area, per square:

30 year dimensionls-------------$117

felting 30lb.----------------- 20

tear off 1st layer-------------- 40

tear off second layer----------- 30

total per square,

for shingled areas--------------$207

redecking, using 1/2 CDX

per square {3 sheets per}-------$150

so, 20 shts = about 6.66 squares,

or total of -------------------1,000

roof total, not taking into

account ridge venting,

ice&water, louvers, or

rear patio flat roof area------$4,761

total to date for redeck,

and shingled areas-------------$5,761

so, in addition, there's the extra charge

for the Ice&water, which you've said he said would be $250, and the ridge vent work @ $556

which together add $806...

so now we're up to $6,567.

His price, so far, is $789 higher than what we might charge in our area....except that:

We charge more per square for flat roof work than shingled roof work. Without knowing what percentage of your total squares are patio flat roof related, I can't go beyond the current estimation. But I'll assume for now that your porch is the 6.66 Squares he said needs redcking. I would charge at least $100 more square for the flat work than what I'd charge for the shingled work...bringing the total to $7,233

However...We don't charge as much for redecking as he does, so unltimately the total price would be more like $6,820-6,850.

The above is just a guestimate, based on what you've told me and a couple of assumptions on my part.

Since there is only a difference of $506 between my guestimate price of $6,850 and his real price of $7,356....I'd say there's nothing unreasonable sounding about his price, given what he's offering to do for it.


Labor DOES vary in different parts of the



And, it's common to find rear porchs and patios which leaked, causing rot, due to the fact they were shingled over a to-low of a pitch for shingles.

A roof CAN be your friend


03:48PM | 04/23/05
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I forgot to mention that this contractor you mentioned sounds like he/she might have really thought out your roof requirements and has taken all things into consideration....which MAY indicate that he/she's a good one to consider.

To many times "roofers" just aim to get the job...or ANY job, by just blurting out some price they believe will get them some work, regardless of what your specific roof layout may require in order to provide you with maintenance-free, long-lasting protection.

Still, check this contractor out with references, etc.

A roof CAN be your friend


04:01PM | 04/23/05
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So what do you think about the roofing materials

Timberline (GAF)


06:41AM | 04/24/05
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I think those are fine materials. I think most of the roof shingle manufacturers are fairly equal in quality.

The one problem I've seen is with certain dimensional shingles sometimes cracking premnaturely. I'd mention the name, but I don't want to make a declaritive statement, which someone could claim has harmed them or their reputation.

But, I'll say that so far, I think GAF, Owens Corning, Elk, and Certainteed all make good products.

And stay away from thge darkest colors if you can. They do seem to generally have more problems with longevity.

A roof CAN be your friend
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