03:34AM | 05/31/10
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Lumber Liquidators in general has there own list of issues to deal with in regards to being a company that deals in material sales. In my opinion they have a great selection of good material at goos prices. As far as there affiliation with HSS to handle there installations, this is where they realy have droped the ball. HSS claims to have certified people installing for them. There certification process is that you must have a decent credit record and insurance, you need not have any product knowlage at all. They charge there installers 15% off the top of there estimate. They offer nothing to any one that works for them as far as support. it is up to the installer to give the estimate, do the install, collect payments, and cover all service issues. Wich in reality is the way it should be, but HSS has no place in it. They simply saw a way to make money and jumped in, and now they have run things into the ground. they need to be stopped. Lumber liquidators needs to fire HSS and get back to work on being "the friendly place to get a good deal"


05:12AM | 06/02/10
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Thank you for your positive comments regarding Lumber Liquidators and our product lines and great prices. If you used the Home Service Store for installation services and had a negative experience we would suggest a call to them immediately using the number on your invoice. The quality of contracting work can vary from one contractor to another no matter what type of work is being performed, but they screen contractors and address customer concerns through their call center operations and will remove contractors found performing less than ideal quality installs. We've had numerous positive comments about their services as well and regret to hear you feel your experience was not up to par. If we can offer assistance, contact LL Customer Care and we can also provide assistance.


05:20AM | 06/02/10
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No matter where you shop for flooring it's always highly recommended you retain no less than one box for repairs should you ever have a leak, or other unexpected problem with your flooring that requires repair. Trying to match up your product at a later time could be a problem if the product line changes. We clearly state terms at the time of the sale, so the idea that your were misled in any way is unfortunate. Laminates can be damaged without our knowledge so taking them back we could unknowingly pass on damaged material to another customer, so this is a quality control necessity and this is why our policy states we do not accept extra material back for laminates - Sorry = Read the invoice and measure carefully. Good to hear you had little waste as this means you installed it well - Kudos to you for a great install!


06:54AM | 06/29/10
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I pulled mine up threw it in the front yard where it is to this day. Anyone that ask about the pile of wood I tell them!!!

I would rather live with 3/4" plywood than have LL in my house.

Took me 2 years to save $3000.

What a disappointment.


09:27AM | 06/29/10
Member Since: 10/26/08
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$3000 later I have a pile of LL Bella Wood piled in my front yard, any one that stops and ask why I tell them why its there. I have 3/4" plywood in my house until I can save another $3000 for flooring from a reputable local flooring dealer. Rest assured it won't be flooring from LL or Bella Wood or under any other name associated with LL. I will do my research next time!!!!

I tried customer care and the BBB. Not much help! I had two building officials, several professional installers and all came to the same conclusion after seeing the product that the product I received warped and cupped was due to the manufacturer.

I also had one consultant that charged $300 and was recommended by LL. Of course his report was prepared to the benefit of LL.


06:37PM | 07/07/10
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I ordered 1800 SF of Brazilian Teak manufactured by Bellwood for Lumber Liquidators. What a nightmare! Several boxes arrived damaged upon delivery. The delivery person noted on the paperwork boxes were ripped open, damaged and discolored from other boxes. After not hearing from the store about the damaged boxes delivered I called the store directly and spoke with store manager Mike. I expressed my concerns and he assured me the boxes would be fine and I should have no worries about the installation of those boxes. When my installers arrived for the install (after the boxes had acclimated for three weeks) they too pointed out that several boxes looked beat up and odd. I told them I already called the store and they would be fine. They opened those three boxes along with seven others and sorted them by color variation, size, and proceeded with the install. After laying many of the boxes they expressed they were having constant issues with gaps in the boards. They pointed out that the boards had two separate kinds of milling and it was causing major problems. The problem was the actual width of boards were very different and so were the tongues. They suggested I contact the store and let them know so I can return them and reorder new boxes all from the same milling. I called the store and spoke to Ricky. He told me to bring in some sample boards.

The next day I brought in several boards demonstrating the boards varying width and completely different tongues. I could tell Mike the manager did not want to admit that they were from different mills but it was impossible to deny. He would just make comments like " a good installer would know how to deal with something like this" and "They can be altered by your installer to work" I pointed out that would cause additional labor I would have to pay for and I should not have to pay more money to deal with milling issues. He then said that he could send out his own installer (Brian). He said he would be able to make them work just fine. As I had nothing to lose I agreed.

Later that day a woman called and said she spoke to Mike and her company would come by to look at the floors. Several hour later a knock at my door and its a woman "Sarah" She said she was there to look that the floors. I told her I thought a Brian was coming to look at them as he is the installer. She said she was his wife. I showed her the boards and how they were all different. She just seemed oddly quiet. She obviously knew they were messed up but didn't want to say anything other than "don't worry we can fix everything". I pointed out the many rows that would have to get ripped up. She said that the three boxes that were mixed up with the others could be dealt with by "sorting them back out and putting them in the same rows". That sounded fine but she said I would have to remove what was already laid down and also order replacement boxes. She also said they would only glue down the wood. I told her as long as the price was the same that would be fine. She said Mike the manager would probably replace the boxes that caused the issue. I told her I would speak to Mike and let her know. I showed her my current installer invoice (3.00 square foot) and told her as long as she matched that I would go with them. She said she would match my installers and email me the estimate.

The next day the email comes. Guess what? they wanted 2500 more than my current installers. Not only that the glue was an additional 1200 more. So they wanted 3700 more than my current installer!! She had the square footage at 3.00 but had the stairs priced out separately and also wanted 1,000 more to level the floors for glue down process. Obviously I was not going to go with them and she never said the glue material alone would cost so much! I called Mike and said Im just going to go with my installer and lm going to return the unopened boxes and reorder the same thing. I even agreed to upgrade the wood to 3/4 inch thick from 3/8 inch thick since they had the same teak in a smaller width but for a similar price. He said to bring them in and I would reorder them.

After renting a uhual and breaking my back getting the boxes back to the store the manager said that I had ten boxes missing. I told him that three boxes had milling issues which screwed up the other 7 laid down. I told him about how I called when they arrived and was assured they were o.k. I explained yet again that those three boxes installed with the other 7 were mixed and rendered useless and they had to now get ripped up. Mike said he would only credit me for the three boxes that had the wrong milling. He did not want to recognize that those boxes caused the others to be useless.

Trying not to loss my cool I told him I wanted to focus on getting the replacement material (2 1/4 teak) that is listed on the website because its a a similar price. Guess What. The replacement material was not available. The only option he said I had was to pay for an even more expensive (3.25 teak). I told him I didn't even want that as I have a 1915 craftsman and I was not comfortable going with such a large width. Additionally that the cost was more more expensive price per square foot (3500 more!). I already was in the hole 7 boxes he would not credit, installation costs that were wasted, renting a truck for the return, and cost to rip out the crap that was down. Now he was telling me my only option was to pay 3500 more!!! It was obvious I was getting nowhere with him. He had no compassion to the situation and just seemed to generally not get how I was put in a situation not of my choosing. Lets not forget this entire nightmare was brought about by having different milling mixed in with my order. Since they no longer had any replacement material at similar cost ( 2 1/4) . Even though the website says the do. I requested to just have the unopened boxes I just returned credited to my card. I said I would have to eat the 7 boxes and just order them somewhere else since the only option extended to me was to buy more expensive teak. This SOB had the nerve to tell me that he would "not give me my money back" . He said he "was not convinced it was a milling issue" Are you freaking kidding me!!!!! I was just speechless. To think I would have to take the hit on all of this. Its like I had a gun to my head. I told him I since I was left with no alternative I had no choice but to pay an additional 3500.00 and order the teak in 3.25.

I left the store feeling sick to my stomach. Like I had been mugged. Its just sad when you feel so completely taken advantage of and have absolutely no power to make the store take responsibility. All I can do is share my story and let others know of my horrible experience. Hopefully it will make you reconsider and purchase elsewhere. As a realtor I am constantly asked for referrals on everything from kitchen cabinets to floors. I used to always recommend Loews or Home Depot as they guarantee the work and generally my clients were very happy withe them. Looks like I should have taken my own advice. I only went with Lumber Liquidators because the teak they had looked so nice in the store. I will let every client know my experience at Lumber Liquidators. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

I will let you guys know how the final install goes when the new material arrives.


07:24AM | 07/08/10
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Wow sounds like a nightmare.First off let me say i have installed miles of laminates and wood.Secondly i have had an issue in the past with ''bellawood'' and the tongue and groove mismatch with a 3/4 wood,that was purchased by the homeowner from bella direct.After concluding the fault lied with the mill or bella because the groove was different dimensions,and the tongue side also we recieved new material that installed beautifuly.The total footage was around 1100 sq. ft and only 2 or 3 boxes contained defective material.

The fact that lumber liq. would not acknowledge the defect is senseless.Installers are your last line of defense with a defective product,we see the problem,and usually it halts all work.LL -no return policy on laminates is stupid to say the least,have extra material? you should be allowed to take it back for a refund[if un-opened packaages] ALL other stores give a refund,what does that tell ya?Sorry to hear about your ''runaround with LL- I have never dealt with them for material,and it sounds like they are shady,and deal with inferior products,if bella is at fault,than LL should stand behind you and get some dang answers from them!!! If they sold defective product the least they should have done was ACKNOWLEDGE IT! and get you the corrected material to finish the job.

I have installed all types of flooring for over 20 yrs, and let me tell you- an installer never forgets bad product,it makes our job difficult,and puts us in a situation that usually leads to an unfinished job,headaches,and waiting to complete our work.I empathise with your troubles,and it sounds like LL is losing credibilaty FAST!


08:09AM | 09/02/10
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I'm so glad I found these reviews! I was just about to place an order for flooring for our new home. $18K worth...but after reading these comments and they way the complainants were treated I'm going local.

Companies with such poor ways of handling things will eventually do one of two things. Get their act together OR go out of business. With LL being a publicly held company, the best way to get their attention is the lack of dollars. I'm taking my dollars elsewhere.


11:02PM | 07/19/11
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I would like to know anyone's experience in small claims court with Lumber Liquidator's. Thanks
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