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06:41AM | 05/24/05
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Can you paint asbestos siding? If so, what is involved?


07:33AM | 05/24/05
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Asbestos cement siding is easily painted using a good quality acrylic paint. Your paint dealer can recommend specific paints suitable for masonry and cement siding. The surface should be cleaned with a pressure washer to remove any flaking paint. If any scraping or wire-brush work is needed, keep the surface wet and use a respirator with HEPA cartridges. The new painted surface will last a long time as the siding is very stable, and the paint will seal the surface protecting it and preventing any fiber release.


09:21AM | 06/06/05
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I too need to paint a transite sided house this summer. For the most part it is in great shape, but there are a few that need to be replaced. Any idea where I can find replacement shingles for the siding?? Thanks


09:18PM | 07/26/05
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I'm in the process of cleaning out my 100+ year old mother's home and have run across numerous items my father saved from building our home in the 1940s and salvage forays in the area in the 1960s. Among my 'finds' so far are two bundles of brand new asbestos-cement siding, plus the equivalent of about two bundles more that were carefully removed without serious damage from another old house in the neighborhood.

Because I've heard the word 'asbestos' in a negative light for so long ... I'm curious whether these can be sold? I know there are folks looking for replacements ... but am I risking legal intervention if I try to sell these?

Thanks for any help you can give!


07:58AM | 07/27/05
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Interesting question, and a complicated answer. Because of legal disclaimers that apply to any response, please re-post your question as a new topic in the Safety and Environmental BBS


08:11AM | 07/27/05
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THANKS, tomh ... I've done it! I appreciate your help ...




06:35PM | 01/20/07
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I need to side my garage which needs asbestos cement siding to match the house. I would like to buy your bundles of AC siding depending on the shipping costs to minnesota. Do you have any left?


12:18PM | 01/21/07
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A good building supply will have concrete (no asbestos)shingles that are very close in appearance to the old style. I woukld think that the shipping would be very high on shingles and the liability is not really worth it.


10:44AM | 02/16/07
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Paint will just peal, we lived that part and once you paint it you have a serious matenance problem. We went to this company and they reconditioned our asbestos roof.


09:26PM | 06/24/14
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Is it true that if you paint asbestos siding in the heat of summer that the paint has a tendency to peal?


08:58PM | 03/11/16
what type of paint would you suggest? I also heard that you shouldn't scrape or powerwash before so you wont release any toxins, is this true?

thank you


06:40AM | 03/12/16
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Use a Latex exterior Paint that says it's good for masonry. If you scrape,saw,drill, or grind it will release asbestos fibers that could be breathed in so don't do anything like that.Your best bet is to just paint.

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