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02:01PM | 12/31/10
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Hi my name's Lucy, and I have a pest(?) problem.

I don't know what's going on out in the yard, but I have these ridges everywhere! They essentially appeared over night appeared!

I'm not sure if they're snakes or what. It's been pretty cold where I live in North Carolina. So, I wouldn't think it could be snakes.

I'm worried that whatever the culprit is, that it's going to destroy our cable wire or something else.. . like structural damage to my home.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks so much,



07:00AM | 01/01/11
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probably a mole/s


09:40PM | 01/03/11
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I'd vote mole or vole. A mole is relatively harmless, though they make an ugly mess of a yard. They're worse now than I've ever seen them.

Voles breed like crazy and are little mouse like creatures that dig tunnels much like moles. They eat plants though, where moles only go after earth worms and grubs. Have you noticed any damage to the bottom of your trees, shrubs or plants?

Neither one will really do any damage to your house or your wiring...just your lawn.


12:35PM | 01/26/11
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Hi Lucy! That definitely sounds like a mole. Try looking at them at
There are some pretty cool pictures and info. on them. I used this link when I had the same problem last Spring. Annoying little buggers! Good thing is they move pretty quickly.

Hope this info. helps!

Star nosed mole


09:30PM | 10/03/11
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Hi Lucy,
What you describe sounds like you have a mole problem! You have two choices, have them trapped out, could be very expensive depending on your mole population? Second choice, use talparid bait and waste im? Once gone, fill in the holes, reseed, water, and wait for the sun, and enjoy your yard!


04:28PM | 10/04/11
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What you have is a mole. I used to live in North Carolina. And they are usually active at night. As far as getting rid of them, well i had a chocolate lab that did that part for me!


07:50PM | 10/25/11
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it is a mole. moles look for grubworms to eat in your yard. work on getting rid of those bug in the soil, and you should stop having problems

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