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10 Clever Ways to Hack Your Kitchen Appliances

Each kitchen appliance has a designated purpose, whether it’s toasting bread, making coffee, heating up food, or mixing ingredients. But clever homeowners can think outside the box and use their appliances to accomplish a multitude of unexpected tasks. Did you know, for example, that you can clean hardware in your Crock-Pot and wash throw pillows in your dishwasher? Check out these 10 genius ways to hack your appliances.

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Wash Throw Pillows in the Dishwasher

Tossing throw pillows into the washing machine leads to mangled stuffing and damaged fabric. Instead, load the pillows (without their cases) into the top rack of the dishwasher. Run them through a cycle—use borax instead of dishwasher detergent to avoid suds—and skip the heated dry option. Hang them up to dry afterwards. 

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Warm Plates in the Toaster Oven

When you put hot food on a cold plate, your meal’s temperature dips a notch. Nobody likes tepid dinners, so warm your plates on the lowest setting of your toaster oven for five minutes before loading them up.

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Make Fresh Breadcrumbs in the Coffee Grinder

Need breadcrumbs on the fly? You can whip some up in a flash with an ordinary coffee grinder and a fresh loaf of bread. It’s nearly as easy as pouring breadcrumbs from a can—and much tastier to boot!

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Clean Hardware in the Crock-Pot

After years of use, hardware becomes covered in caked-on paint and grime. Eliminate the mess with none other than your trusty Crock-Pot. Simply place the pieces of hardware in the appliance, cover them with water, and set your slow cooker to “low” overnight. When you open up the Crock-Pot in the morning, the paint will slide right off your hardware—score!

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Dehydrate Food in the Oven

Dried fruits and meats taste incredible, but commercial food dehydrators can cost a pretty penny. As a budget-friendly alternative, make your own dehydrator by stacking several cooling racks on top of each other, separated by balls of aluminum foil in each corner. Place the stacked racks in the bottom of your oven (you’ll probably need to remove the oven racks) and set the temperature to 200 degrees. In four to six hours, you’ll be able to enjoy perfectly dried fruit, vegetables, and jerky!

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Roast Coffee Beans in the Air Popper

Instructables via BradMartinson

Attention coffee lovers! You can roast your own beans in an ordinary air popper (preferably an older model, which will reach a higher temperature). You’ll need to set up a container to catch the chaff as the beans crack, and a strainer or colander for cooling the finished product. Enjoying custom-roasted coffee at home has never been easier!

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Cook a Meal with a Keurig

Instructables via Tom Hargrave

Any processed food that requires boiling water can be made with a Keurig, whether you’re whipping up instant oatmeal or a cup of noodle soup. Just run a cycle without a K-Cup and let the water flow directly into the food. It’s much faster than boiling water, and it’s a lifesaver for homeowners without microwaves.

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Freeze Gum Off Your Shoe

Stepped in gum? Try sticking your shoe in the freezer for a couple of hours. When you remove it, the gum will chip off the sole much more easily. 

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Shred Meat in Your Stand Mixer

Homeowners can quickly shred chicken, pork, or beef in a stand mixer with the paddle attachment. The mixer makes quick work of a job you may always have done with two forks!

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Craft with Your Electric Knife

Your electric knife can do more than carve the Thanksgiving turkey. Rely on the appliance to cut floral foam for flower arrangements, or use it to shape polyurethane foam for dining chairs you’re reupholstering.

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Think Outside the Box

Don’t let anything be a uni-tasker in your home—not even your appliances!