10 Easy Ways to Add Christmas Curb Appeal

Liven up the front door and share your holiday spirit with the whole neighborhood this year!

  1. Setting the Stage

    Christmas Curb Appeal

    Whether you plan to wrap string lights around the house, hang illuminated icicles from the eaves, or install glowing blow-up figures in the front yard, it doesn't take much to whip up some amazing holiday curb appeal at your entryway. Here are ten how to's.

    The Comforts of Home

  2. Aromatically Festive

    Aromatically Festive

    Bring the beauty and fresh scent of evergreens to the front hall by filling an oversized clay pot with cut boughs and pine cones. Add a couple of ornaments, or drape with a single strand of miniature lights, and let your arrangement sparkle! 


  3. Winter Props

    Winter Props

    Sometimes the objects of winter can serve to elevate holiday curb appeal. Here, a woven basket hung on the door with fresh greens and a standing sled help create a charming scene that evokes Norman Rockwell. Next year's card, perhaps?

    Elements of Design LLC

  4. Holiday Door Mats

    Christmas Theme Door Mat

    Even if you already have a distinctive doormat, celebrate this season in every way possible—add a themed outdoor mat to your landing. You'll find a good many holiday welcome mat designs, patterns, and colors, but hurry—the best of them sell out quickly.

    Pottery Barn

  5. Light Lanterns

    Lantern Lights

    Lanterns and luminaries are both functional and beautiful either along walkways or on the porch, regardless of the season. Those that you buy now can be used year-round. Choose real candles or one of the new non-flame varieties. 


  6. Hang Festive Wreath

    DIY Wreath

    Nothing could be simpler than hanging a festive wreath on the front door. You will find a wealth of options at your local garden centers and even more varieties online. Feeling crafty? Making your own with this step-by-step guide.

    Harry and David

  7. Place Tree Outside

    Place Tree Outside

    No one said that you couldn't buy a cut tree to display outdoors. This one—decorated with burlap garland, twig snowflakes, pine cones and ornaments—was featured on HGTV. Copy it, or decorate one of your own design.


  8. Drape Garland

    Pine Cone Garland

    Garland is another easy way to add some holiday flair to your front entry. Use it to wrap around columns, drape over railings, and frame in doorways. You'll find fresh varieties at your local nursery and garden center. You can also make one yourself—as we did with our pine cone garland.

    Southern Living

  9. Display Wrapped Presents

    Recycled Christmas Decor

    If you've been looking for ways to re-use cardboard boxes that your online purchases have arrived in, here's the perfect solution. Wrap them in festive papers, decorate with ribbon and bows, and put them on display.

    Southern Living

  10. Vibrant Traditional Color

    Traditional Color

    Want to add some traditional color? You can't do much better than a potted poinsettia—or two or three or more. Cluster a group next to the door, place them on steps, or line a walkway with their blooms. The bold red and green coloring makes them instant accents with a long holiday tradition.


  11. Single-Strand Borders

    Christmas Lights Border

    Sometimes a simple string of white lights is all you need to make a bold statement. Use single strands to outline door and window frames, columns, or railings. Or get creative and suspend them like stars from the ceiling to provide a welcoming, magical glow.


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